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Fallen of the wagon

S: 16st13lb C: 16st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st6lb(2.53%)
Evening Ladies

I have fallen off the wagon got home earlier and had half a tin of tuna in brine!!! I cant believe it!!

I have been doubts as to whether to continue 2moro or not, please see the fainting thread but I am going to go for it for at least another week, we are away at the weekend so that is going to go real quick then it will only be 4 days till weigh day again.

I am not sure because of the way I am feeling about the fainting and the panic attacks but I am not struggling on the diet. Its catch 22 for me at the moment!!

Just needed to get this out
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You could try ss+ or one of the other levels and find which one suits you best. Its strange though isnt it....before we all started the diet we would beat ourselves up about eating chocolate and crisps....now we beat ourselves up about eating healthy things like tuna!!!!!
Dont be too hard on yourself and remember tomorrow is another day:D
What drove you to the tuna?? Was it hunger, craving, worry about fainting etc? THis is a hard diet to get your head round after so many years of eating to suddenly say 'ok head, we're not eating anymore' is a hard thing to get to grips with! I have had a couple of mornings of lightheadedness but had a shake and felt ok within a few minutes. Dont give up, carry on but if you are that worried then think about the 810 plan or similiar?? Dont give up - you can do it, it does get easier (says me a veteran at 2 weeks lol!!)
I am sure you will be fine, better tuna than chocolate.

I will go read your other post but I have suffered from panic attacks in the past, not fun at all. I hope with all the hope I have I never have to go there again.

I have felt a little faint in the 2 weeks I have been on the CD but I find it is all down to water intake and when I take my shakes.

I keep water by my bed and take sips every time I wake up during the night.

I really hope you feel better soon!
awww ((((hugs)))) sarah, sorry ive only seen this msg now. will go and look for your other post. its not as if you had anything bad. see how you feel in the morning perhaps you could do aam for a wee while and see if that helps with the fainting.

becky xxxxx
S: 16st13lb C: 16st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st6lb(2.53%)
Hi Guys

Thank you for the replies.

I am feeling a lot more positive now, have spoken to hubby and he says if I can he will stick by me to give it a go for the next week, and then maybe when I have got through that fine then I will start to feel a little more at ease!

I love him! Its weigh day today and I am excited, not sure I have lost an awful lot but as long as I loose its heading in the right direction.

We are away this weekend which means that it will go wuick and then when we get back it will only be 4 days till weight day again. I am sure I will be fine!!!!

If after the 2nd week I am still having the panic attacks then will consider the AAM but today feeling lots more confident.


Call me Nicky xx
Hi Hun, hope you are felling better and glad you are sticking with it. I suffered terrible with anxiety attacks (every morning and night in fact) and I just before I can off it I almost passed out too. I am sure these feeling will pass. Hope things work out for you xx


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If it helps, I did the whole faint/panic attack thing in week 2 (had paramedics out at one point) and now im just starting week 4 and am perfectly fine now.

You will need to make sure you can get loads of rest though.

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