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Fallen so far off the wagon I am stuck under it! Warning it's a long one!

Ok where do I start :break_diet:
I have been a SW member on & off for years. I recently rejoined in september & to this date I have lost an impressive 1/2lb! Yes you read that right 1/2lb
Two years ago I was at a regular class which I loved & did well but I decided to do a sign language course which was the same day (thursday) so I changed class. Two levels of sign Language (both on a thursday) later I am pretty much back to my first ever weight when I first ever joined & I am starting my level 3 in January which is a monday & there is a practise class on a tuesday (current WI day) which I really need to get too if I can.

I don't feel that I have settled in the classes I have been to since which is made doubley hard by me working shift so don't tend to get every week or go to different ones. I don't mean that disrespectfully to anyone in those classes

I had a bit of time out from SW earlier this year & tried another diet. I worked & I lost a stone but was always hungry & when I got married in may I packed everything in & I ate what I wanted & put it all back on. I restarted SW in the june on my own & became totally addicited to my wii fit & did ok well about 6lbs till mid august when I got an inner ear infection (which I have have had twice before & makes you feel drunk) so had 3 weeks off work (& the Wii) & was stuck at home. The first week I stuffed my face & then I took myself in hand & when I got back to work after 3 weeks people said I'd lost weight so inspired I joined a class & here I am today.I only have myself to blame for my pathetic weight loss as probably only follow it 60% (when I am good I am really good but one slip & I say to hell with it) My last WI was two weeks ago & I have now I managed to get a chest infection this last week so am coughing all the time (i suffer from asthma so I sound like a yapping dog) so have comfort ate ever since.

I am now telling myself that I will start in the new year well monday 28th december to be exact as I I have bought a diary in paperchase which is covered with pictures of food like this Paperchase Card. Mini Characters Food Friends Design: Amazon.co.uk: Paperchase
which I thought would be great to use write down everything in & that is the first day the diary starts

I have also got an aim as there was someone at work selling a voucher for the bull ring in birmingham for £100 & the voucher is worth £250 so I bought it. I like birmingham & had my hen do there so me & best friend have decided to go for a few days in the end of march to help me spend it as it expires in may & we both work shifts so it is the only time we can go.

I sort of know what I need to do but just needed to out somethings down really. I know it is stupid that I am telling myself that I won't start till december 28th but I can't seem to stop myself. I also need to find my exercise bug again as it has disappeared. I step myself up with a target of 1 1/2 stone by march 11th & have been getting into a routine if using it by playing the balance games as can't do much else without having an asthma attack.

I am 5ft 4 & last weigh in I was 11 13 1/2lb but am probably nearer 12 1/2st now! Am I kidding myself that I can lose 1 1/2st by march?
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I think your goal is a reasonable one. Are you stopping classes altogether now? You say that you don't feel as though you really gelled with the class anyway, but for me chatting to others is a source of help and definitely support. You can get a lot from here too though! :)

I just want to say good luck and with a bit of patience and a lot of determination, you'll be able to reach your goal!!!

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"I am 5ft 4 & last weigh in I was 11 13 1/2lb but am probably nearer 12 1/2st now! Am I kidding myself that I can lose 1 1/2st by march?"

I don't think you are kidding yourself that you can lose 1 1/2st by March, but only if your not kidding yourself about trying. Sounds like you have lost your Mojo hun and you have got to get that back before anything else will fall into place. Sounds like the good intentions are there with buying the book and all, but your heart has got to be in this too. I would suggest that between now and your start date that you have set yourself, you realy do some hard planning and get yourself organised with menus etc so everything is in place for the big day, don't leave it till the day and use not having anything in to eat as an excuse not to start. If you are serious about starting, then you will and you will succeed but only if you do it 100%, the 50 & 60% effort will only lead to dissapointment on your part. If you feel that starting right now is putting you under too much pressure at this time of year then yes, go with your date of the 28th, but if you can possibly do a little now towards it, its got to be a help, even if its only damage limitation between now and then. xx
Thanks for your nice words. I am going to stick with classes but am thinking of going back to thursdays as thursday lady is my friend & came to my wedding in may.

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