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Fallen's Diary... and hello!


Angel in training
Hi all.... I'll dive in ! ... I am 32 and was just restarting CD- after having to come off it previoulsy due to my father being ill and needing to concentrate on him - but like so many other stories here I just am struggling getting back into it.. and there is also the money side of things.

So for many reason I have decided to give WW a go..and stop CD, as I said this is for many reasons .. but also as I have so much weight to lose..(over 10stone) I worry about the saggy skin issue, and although a quick fix is always nice, I think slowly would be a better option so as not to be left to saggy!!! - and I think this needs to be a way of life, unlike CD when I get to goal weight there will be no complicated move to eating food again...

If there is anyone else out there with the same amount of weight to lose..im here if you wanna a chat!

Sorry to ramble
Fallen x

Happy new year!!!
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Hi welcome to minis

I've just had a count up and yes I think that I have about 9 stone left to go having lost 114lbs so far. There you are not alone jump in and try WW you'll get loads of support here Sandy has lost 12.5 stones so far and is a great inspiration

Hope you have a Happy New Year

Just spotted you had been back on

Yes and no.... I got the details of the core plan from a colleague and stuck to that for about 4 months, then I changed to a slimfast shake and fruit for lunch until November last year then changed over to WW points. I lost most o fmy weight 88lbs in the first year. Last year I messed about gaining and loosing a stone but ended up down just over 2 stone in the year. Now year 3 is about to start and we'll see where that goes I'm struggling a bit but hope to get back to it big time now.

You will be fine once you get into it. I do it on my own but others go to class



Angel in training
Yeah I think i will be doing it by myself, my husband has been made redundant and so money is tight!...maybe we can support each other!..
We can and many others will support you too. You can find my diary at 100lbs gone and starting on the next 100lbs in the diary list. I'm here most days posting - it gets addictive - so I'll check in with you.
There will be more people about after the holiday and they will soon pop in and visit you.

Sorry about your husband's redundancy

Good luck

I only had the one shake at lunch and often still do. Weight loss for me appears to have settled down to a regular 1-2lbs regardless of what tweaks I make, just make changes when I get stuck or bored. I'm a bit older tham most on the forum at 55 so don't know if that effects it.



Angel in training
I was thinking of trying to get stuck into exercising - something i think i really need to do. anyway ...well done you - i hope i can do as well as you !
Hi Fallen and welcome to the WW forum. We're a friendly bunch and we all support each other. Tis very quiet here tonight - cant think why LOL but it'll soon liven up over the next few days and you'll find your very own support system to encourage and guide you on your way downwards! Good luck on your weight loss journey. Will pop in to see how you're doing :) xxx
Welcome to minis! Happy New Year xx


Angel in training
ok... I have woke up feeling a tad blonde this morning... (could be cause I am!) - I have a point calculater.. and I cant remember how to use it... do I put the cals in per 100g or just put them in per actual amount of what I would eat.. like the whole sandwhich...
did that make any sense?? and then the same for the sat fat?...

Someone please answer soon.. cant eat till you do ! lol


Has the power of the horn
Hello!!! Happy New Year!!!! Welcome and good luck, may 2009 be your year!! I got the calculator for xmas and LOVE it!! although spend about an hour in tesco the other night working out the points per slice of bread for about 340 loaves! ha ha! I was a woman obsessed!!

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