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Fallen's Diary


Angel in training
Ok, so i have decided to start a diary as i have been reading through other peoples and i have noticed a markd difference in their weight loses... so what the hell here i go!

Right, im 35, married, have 2 kids.. been struggling with my weight since i was 21 (first child! lets blame him lol) and i think general lack of self confidence... and so the weight piled on...

Over the last couple of months i have been doing SW, but after trying CD a few times before and wanting a boost to my weight loss i have decided to go it again.

I am now on day 5 and doing ok, havent had all the pains and woes of before when starting this, but after questioning that on here, we have come to the conclusion that it may of been because i had been on such a high protien low carb diet before it set me up a proper good un!

My reasons for wanting to lose weight...
  1. Im fat and i quite franky hate it!
  2. My health
  3. More confidence
  4. My sister... yes this sounds odd, but she has always been very critical of my weight (although she is no slimbo!) i do try and convince myself that she doesnt know she is doing it, but .... i know she does and my dad does it as well..
  5. Im starting my MSc in October 2012
I know my family would rather appear naked playing a bango on prime time tv than acknowledge i have lost weight, but i am prepared for that... i think:cool:

ok so,
My heaviest weight - 28stone + (thats what the scales went up to so could of been more)
Start weight now - 18st 13lb 6oz
Goal weight - 11st

My rules

Im going to do this in 6 week spurts - as my brain can cope with that ... so first 6 weeks 11/11/11 - 23/12/11

Weigh in will be on here Thursdays

Pictures will be added when i feel confident enough...

Ok, so thats nearly me, anyone want a chat or to follow my journey please do come and join me!
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Good luck with your journey. You've already lost an incredible amount. I look forward to sharing the rest x

CD journey. -11.1, -3.5, -2.6, -2, -5.7, -3.8, -2.4


Angel in training
thank you bluegirl, im going to stick to high protien and no (ish)carbs... except for xmas day (shhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone) ... then the six weeks after that will be my birthday so works out quite well :)


Angel in training
ive take a different angle, i was worried about eating, but then i thought what a great learning curve of accepting these things will happen and my weight will fluctuate ... its gonna be just fine (who am i trying to convince here lol)
Good luck fallen - I think you will do great and have a great attitude. Im not goign to pretend Im an angel on this diet. Im 25,work full time and have a 3 year old daughter...sometimes I need to let my hair down and have a few drinks with my friends. If that means it takes me longer to lose weight then so be it. As long as Im doing something about it. Will look forward to following your diary :) xxx
Good luck with your weight loss journey you are doing brilliant soo far keep up the great work :)

Start Weight: 17 st 9 lbs
Goal Weight: 11st 6 lbs
Start Date: 05/10/2011
Target Date: 30/03/2012
Lose Weight for my Wedding Day!

10/10/11- WK 1 - Lost 9lbs
17/10/11 - Wk 2 - Lost 5.5 lbs
24/10/11 - Wk 3 - Lost 9lbs
31/10/11 - Wk 4 - Lost 3.8 lbs
07/11/11 - Wk 5 - Lost 4.8 lbs
14/11/11 – WK 6 – Lost 7 lbs
Current Weight 14st 14lbs
Total Loss so far 2st 9lbs
Amazing amount lost! Good luck with your journey, i look forward to seeing your first loss on thursday :)


Angel in training
day 6....

ok, so i have woke up this morning, tired and a bit thirsty - which is good cause i was strugging .

anyways, today i have decided to order a pair of jeans and a top in a smaller size, this is quite a break thru for me, as i never buy myself anything... so i now have something to look forward to and aim for... fingers crossed i get there now lol !
Good luck with your CD Journey, I'm sure you'll do brilliantly and the weight will come off in no time:D


Angel in training

i am really struggling tonight, i cooked a lasagne tonight for the family, which was fine, no problem there - but then i cooked it and the smell just sent me crazy... and i mean CRAZY!!

my tummy is rumbling and im cold so ive come to bed, away from it all... but i dont understand why im so hungry and feeling like this?

i had wondered if it was because i took a 'poo' tablet last night and this has effected my ketosis? unfortunately my stix aint arrived yet so i cant test...

anyways, i thought i would come on here just help me through...

so... weigh in tomorrow, looking froward to it, im despersate to get in to the next week, that way the first week is done and in my mind that means im on my way... make sense? lol...

cant hink of anything else to moan about (lol) so ill be off and read some more posts xx
Hey good luck for tomorrow and well done for not having the lasagne.

It must be hard but just think you can always have it once you finished the diet.

Make a list of all the foods when you feel like eating them and than once you have completed the diet you can introduce the foods slowly. Just remember you not eating is just a short term thing. Once you lost the weight and maintained it you can eat what ever you wish.
You have done so well. I know that you will continue to make good choices, and if you slip -- get right back at it!


Angel in training
So.... Today is the day! Weight in at 5:30pm.. Then into week 2! When I did SW I felt I shouldn't eat till wi and keep feeling that with this, but that's a bit silly as it's just fluid in a way... Hmmmmm...


Angel in training
... my self control is slipping, i keep talking myself out of doing this, and that six weeks (well 5 now) is so far away, when i know it isnt...

i hope your weigh in goes well, let me know how you get on xx

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