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Falling off the wagon


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Can those of you that have fallen off the wagon please share your experiences, and how you got back on CD to help those of us that are struggling please?

I did 8 sole source weeks with no problems whatsoever, and then I started entertaining friends. The first couple of weekends I stuck to nibbling meat from the bbq, then I added cake and salad to the mix, then one weekend I had an icecream.

Then I got so fed up of not eating that I decided to try 810, except that I couldn't limit my portions.

So I didn't put anything on, I stayed the same, but it was very frustrating. Then last week I thought "what's the bloody point" and ate everything I fancied - resulting in putting on 8lbs :(

This is a familiar pattern. I did exactly the same when I was on LL and ended up putting all the weight back on, and an additional stone. This time I have no choice but to go back to the diet as I have to lose the weight in order to get IVF treatment. It's just as well I have that goal or I would've given up completely I think.

I went back on the sole source wagon last Thursday and have lost that 8lbs now so hope to lose a bit more by weigh in on Thursday.

Sole source works for me. I know it does and I know I have to stick to it.

However, I am concerned that I am not going to be able to stop myself putting the weight back on once I get to goal!
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Well I fell off the wagon last Wednesday and I think it was due to a number of factors - I had been on CD 100% for 100 days and probably thought I deserved a reward, and I got fed-up in Venice not being able to eat or drink but felt totally surrounded by restaurants, hotel breakfast (inclusive) cake shops etc. It was rainy and damp, and I got very cold at times. I think I just flipped! I got back from Venice last Tuesday evening and cracked up over slices of home-made cake whilst on a work-related visit the next day.
I'm just not sure how I found my way back - I ate loads for 4 days, stocking up on everything that I had missed. I often felt uncomfortable as my stomach would not have been used to such quantities of food. I had to do some plain talking to myself - lots of questions floated in my mind, do I want to join WW or SW - am I prepared for a much slower weight loss, do I want to see the clothes that I presently wear get tight on me again (I would have to buy new clothes if the weight returns as I haven't kept any bigger sizes).
I got some great messages here telling me to put the blip behind me and something clicked - I knew it made sense.
I don't find it easy to get back into ketosis but luckily for me I will be out of temptations way for a few days working at home, it helps me not to come into contact with food - I do appreciate that this option isn't available to many people. I have bought some paracetamol caplets just in case of a headache and will come onto minimins as much as I can.
Not sure if this perspective answers any of your questions Guru x


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do I want to see the clothes that I presently wear get tight on me again (I would have to buy new clothes if the weight returns as I haven't kept any bigger sizes).

Thanks... I had the same thoughts about SW and I tried it and failed. This really is the only diet that works for me.

And I have the same issues with clothes. When I was on LL I kept my big clothes so putting on the weight again was easy. This time I'm throwing them away so that I cannot AFFORD to put the weight back on!
Guru i feel your pain well done on managing your 8 weeks.. i am always cheating on this diet and i hate myself for it.. however now a days i manage to get back on the wagon before it spirals out of control.. i have sts for the last month but last week i just gave myself a good talking to and bought a very expensive jacket i want to wear soon as..:) i lost 2lb at my last weigh in and i have my next on tues, i used to get weighed on thurs but i felt i would be better moving it closer to the wknd as i cheat at the wknd and here is hoping it helps
good luck my hat goes off to anyone that can stick to this diet 100% all the time.
good luck x


Winning a losing battle!
Whenever I have fallen off the wagon - there have been a fair few times believe me! I set myself timescales of how long I'll continue on SS. By taking it in daily/weekly blocks, I don't see it as a long term thing which would lead me to resent the diet (me really for putting weight on in the first place).

I had a pretty pants weekend with food and so I have decided to do SS until Friday and then I'll move up the plans again. Usually I find that if I do this, I actually last a lot longer than being 'told' to do something.

Hope that makes some kind of sense?!
You are right minx, there have been a fair number of blips over the weekend.

I'm glad you said it Guru about not being able to afford new clothes in a bigger size, as I am in that position too. I have paid out for a university course next year (helpful in a challenging employment market) and also a trip to Geneva in December (yes, this is a non-essential choice) but really there now isn't a budget to go back up to sizes 16 and 18. Which I will look upon as a good thing to keep me motivated x


Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to say well done hon for jumping back on!!
You have done amazingly well and like you this is the first diet that has really worked for me for a long period of time..

The only way for me to do this diet was to do ss+ for the first 13 weeks and I took food out of the equation, I then added a meal in the evenings and then went up the stages from there..

I have been at goal for over a month now and I must say it can be hard some days espeically near time of the month etc.. and also when you start feeling good about yourself.... but stick with it hon. Being a counsellor I see so many people start and stop only to have them come back again a few weeks/months later..

As you know the Cambridge diet really does work stick with it hon even if you have a not so good day dont look at it like that just jump straight back on and you will be well on the way to goal hon.

Hang in there your doing fab..... and it will be so worth it hon..... I wish I would have lost my weight before going through IVF......
I wish you all the best.
Love Marissa x
I joined CD at the end of August last year and i was doing it for just over a month but had alot of blips and lost a total of 16lbs...then as i was on mat leave i couldnt really afford to do it so i made a deal i would start when i was back at work.
I started back at work, but the got a chest infection so thought sod that atm, so now im feeling 80% better and thought ill start! So started yesterday and when it got to the evening i felt like i needed junk! But i thought "no" not going to do i wanna be a skinny minny lol!

I think alot of the time it is just your head that is the problem and thats what it was for me! I was always seeking comfort from food and i dont think im out of doing that yet but i will be....

like the WW advert says the cravings were in my head not my belly!! x

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