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Family and Eating

Not a very good title, but how do you manage around the rest of the family?
I don't want to have to stop them from eating stuff just because of my diet but last night was soooooo tough.

Had my last soup at 7pm then DS and his girlfriend decided at about 9pm that they were hungry and cooked fried egg sandwiches and then cookies :eek:
Hubby did say it wasn't fair of him and he did say sorry and we suggested that the eat at teatime so al the smells can be over with in one shot when I'm having my soup ;)

I had my biggest crisis of confidence last night wondering if it was worth not eating :cry:
It did pass and I'm ok today. Weigh in tonight!

Just wondered how everyone else handles it? I don't want it to dominate everyone else.
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Although I am only on my first day I already told my partner to cook fish, because he loves fish, and I don't like fish at all. Also when my partner decides to have his evening meal, I will take a bath or find something to do away from the kitchen and him :)


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It can be quite tough can't it.

I remember both of my teenage (at the time) boys sat either side of me eating bacon sarnies LOL

I never said anything as I didn't want them to feel guilty just because I had overeaten in the past, and they really did have a good relationship with food and a well balanced diet (despite the sarnies). I was nervous of upsetting this.

It got easier as I went on, and started to think of it more as 'their food', nothing to do with me. Very nice and all that, and I'll have a turn once I've reached my goals...but not mine for now ;)

On the days that it was harder, I went for a walk. I love walking anyway, so all good. I have a client who has her bathtime each dinner time, or sorts her wardrobe out, or takes a clothes catalogue to her bedroom to chose possible goal outfits :D

Nice idea, but eventually you need to be able to accept that this is what they do, and for the moment, you are choosing another way to reach your target.

And yes, it is a choice.

Oh and another thing. I also found it best, rather than to sit there thinking "grrrr...I can't have this:cry:" changing it to "wow...how cool am sticking to plan:clap:"


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Great advice KD, I have done my weekly shop and my dd handed me her list on it was ben and jerrys and galaxy choc lol, I got both for her to have over the week, she also has a great relationship with food and never uses it to cheer herself up :) To be honest it doesnt bother me so much cos I know if I cheat how bad I would feel, I also know that this isnt forever and I will be able to have the odd treat now and again one day.
I bet after your wi today you will get stronger and as the weeks go on it gets easier xxx
Thanks :)
I did feel good at not flaking and giving in. I wouldn't give in either and ruin what I've achieved so far - it was just soooo hard. I don't even like fried eggs but the smell was lovely lol!


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cant say it bothers me that much, i was a single parent first time round with a child who needs a high calorie diet.

now i have missy and my OH i often cook and i bake them cakes and oddly it doesnt tempt me, its just a chore i like to do

i have a cupboard in the kitchen and a drawer in the freezer where all the really naughty stuffs kept, buiscuits, cakes, choc etc and i wouldnt dream of touching anything in there as thats kayas stuff


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Strange as it may seem, when i was totally focussed last time, i found i really enjoyed cooking and was making better meals for the family than usual! I got cook books out and I was making everything from scratch. My halo glowed from a great distance as i didnt succumb to nibbling or tasting.