Family Eatings


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My OH is the same :( he's just made me order a dominos pizza for him... :sigh:


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It's better if there is some support from partners to make it more achieveable for you - while they are eating, take yourself off and have a bath or shower, give yourself a beauty treatment, make a phone call or spend an hour in bed with a good book -anything to take yourself out of the situation. You don't have to sit and watch everyone else eat.
And make him phone for his own pizza! :mad:


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hi ya
im oj day 3 of this diet and im still feeling total focussed, however hubby for the last 2 nights has decided to treat himself to a full english for tea - and when i say ful english i mean beans, sausage, fried bried eggs and bacon basically a heart attack on a plate lol
in some ways it has helped me because ive used it as willpower and i look at what hes eating and turn my thoughts into a postive by thinking yes that would be lush to eat all that but how am i gonna feel afterwards? would the feeling that ive let myself down after outweigh how i felt when i was eating it? if the answers yes then that has just made you that little biot stronger and that little bit more focussed


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Thankfully I still live alone for another 6 months! If this wasn't the case this would not be possible for me :D That's why I'm more determined than ever before. I do keep a box of my favourite chocolates on the kitchen table. It's still in the wrapping and everything. Also I go eat lunch at work with my co-worker who always takes the most delicious stuff. Maybe in a way I'm a masochist but I find it super helpful and I feel proud of myself after denying the goodness! I know if I gave in I'd hate myself two minutes after (I have dreams of eating stuff and then wollowing in selfpity for the rest of the dream XD).


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It is so hard, I have 4 kids and hubby and I cook for everyone all the time! Plus my business means I have a commercial kitchen at home too and when we have an event on it is so hard to resist! But last weigh in showed 26lbs off in 5 weeks!

We can all do this! xx


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My partner sat there yesterday night and ate a packet of cheese straws and about five chocolate biscuits. And he asked me, 'do you want any?'!!!

I focused on remembering that if I ate any of that, even half a cheese straw or a bite of a biscuit, I'd mess up ketosis, which would make me feel hungry and rough for the next few days. I also told him that offering foods I can't have really isn't that helpful, which he did understand.


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I must be a complete weirdo...... ever since i started, i have become obsessed with cooking. My husband and son have both had a fantastic cooked dinner every evening so far cooked by me and i have sat with my bottle of water and watched them eat it whic im kind of enjoying??? (admittedly im only on day 9 SS!!!) Im actually cooking more now than i used to before i started. I have cooked dinner this evening and i cannot remember the last time i cooked on a Saturday night. Its normally a huge calorific takeaway or we eat out.
Hopefully when i eventually allow myself food again i will continue to feel the way i do now and actually enjoy cooking healthy nutritious meals.


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LOL, the feeding others thing is quite a common phenomenon. :) I sometimes wonder if my sub-conscious is working on fattening everyone else up so that once I'm thin, I'll feel really thin. :D


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loool i thought it was just me suddenly cooking all the time. Trying new recipes and everything. I think it helps me pass the time and gain the control over food.


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Haha ive made pans of soups & stews formy lot this week. This is not th norm for me think I've turned into a feeder hahaha. Hubby is made up. I make his. He makes mine!!


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FOOD PORN!!!! - yes, it is quite common when following a meal replacement diet. You seem to replace what you are missing with either feeding others or wanting to watch TV programmes about food. I particularly recommend 'Man Vs Food' :D