Fancy dress help


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Just found out invited to a fancy dress 14 Jan and we want to do a family look

Me - Queen of Hearts
Hubby - Mad Hatter
Maddy - Alice in Wonderland

Prob being we bit skint so can't just go buy the outfits.
Maddy is sorted (its cheap enough to sort ours) but need help with our outfits.

I have a black ball gown which is too small on top, so thinking if i get a red velvet jacket (i'm a size 14 but any size 12 - 18 will work) then i can try and attach it to the dress to try and make it look queen like, then sew on red & white hearts all over the dress. I've seen a cheap wig which will add to the look. Been round the charity shops but can't find a red jacket, so if anyone has anyone they wouldn't mind sending my way would be very greatful. Also ok at sewing but not 100% sure about how to make it look right so any sewing tips appreciated.

Hubbys - desp need frock coat or knee length mens jacket (42 - 46 chest) but again non in charity shops - any other ideas where i could get one??? or again if anyone has a spare one please could i have it (would cover any postage costs)

Hope ive not upset anyone but been this cheeky, but thought it was worth a try

thanks x
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I don't have anything fits the bill, but might be worth putting the sizes you need as well?
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The mad hatter could get away with a mad waistcoat.
A red cardi could instead of a jacket or even a wrap if tied correctly ( YouTube will show various ways to tie), check out local haberdashers for offcuts.
Or my last tip is dye a shirt red, cut down the collar by half to make a mandarin type collar. Cut the back to make it short, when you hem the bottom trim with red velvet ribbon, remove the buttons and sew the ribbon over the button and the button hole bands, if you're adventurous try darting the back to make it more fitted first. Finish off with a spray starch when you iron it.


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Thats fab idea Shirleen - Thanks
normally just nip to local haberdashery story but since i moved areas / county complete i can't find anything lol x


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If your dress is too tight on the top, you could remove the zip, and use a punch to put in some mock button holes, and use a long ribbon to give yourself some room, and a fancy corset back.
As for the front... it might be worth finding some red material and making yourself a nice heart shape.
Don't forget to do your lips in a heart shape too :D

Hubby could get away with using a waist coat as Shireen said. If you really wanted a fancy floaty jacket... try using old lace curtain and sewing some new cuffs at the ends, and gathering some up into a frill for an old white shirt under the waist coat.

Not sure where you'd get a top hat, but if all else fails you could make one from cardboard and use fabric glue to stick some velvet or whatever on it. Don't forget a nice scarfy-ribbon thing to tie around it. :D

Good luck!