fancy Jackets


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I often cook several at the same time and then have them three days in a row with either different fillings and or vegetables and salads. To make it more exciting, try scooping out the potatoe mixing it with spring onions and fromage frais, piling it back in, put a hex A portion of cheese on top and grill yummy x


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It would be interesting to see if you do lose with so much potatoe in a week!


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ok aint tryed this in jacket pot yet but think it would go well i made the sw pizza topped chicken had sauce left and had the sauce on toast with hex cheese and omg was it nice :D


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I like some vegetable chilli over a jacket potato with a HEXA serving of grated cheese on top and a side salad, very nice and very filling too.


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Mixed bean chilli is good on a jacket (lots of beans, toms, veg and chilli)
Coronation chicken (chicken, from frais, curry powder, mango chutney (syns), spring onion, red pepper)
Spicy tomato sauce (tin toms, onion, garlic, chilli, pepper and olives if you like them)
Beans n cheese (gotta love the old fave!!)
Tuna with spring onions and melted cheese

Obviously you'd need chicken and tuna as B choices on a green day, wasn't sure if you wanted it totally free but hope this gives a few ideas!

I've done full green weeks but not full jacket spud weeks - plenty of fibre there, it's gonna make you go......


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scoop potato out mix with laughing cow lite triangles and spring onion sweetcorn then grill, yummy


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i LUV jacket potatoes could totally do a week of them lol!