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Fancyfilly's major weightloss diary!!

:wave_cry: Ok, so i went and got weighed today and was 18st 7lbs! arghhhhh i cant belive i am heavier now than when i was 9 months pregnant :eek:. i feel so ashamed that ive let myself get this large, especially as i was 13 st 5lb the week i found out i was pregnant (may last year). i really used the whole pregnancy thing as an excuse to eat crap all the time and even lied to myself about what i was eating and how often i was eating take away! (at least 4 times a week:eek:)
i just thought i would start this thread as a way of getting things off my chest and hopefully help other mums in the same boat and also gain encouragement from other newbies starting their weightloss journey too.
Today was hard, but ive started the way i mean to go on and nothing but three shakes and 3.5lt of water have passed my mouth! it was so hard cooking my 2yr old her tea! i was so tempted to sneak a mouthful but i resisted :D
my stomache is growling now so im gonna drink a glass of water and go to bed early to take my mind of it lol
i would love to hear how people are going on at the begining of their diet before ketosis has kicked in properly!! good luck all!
p.s sorry for the spelling/grammer/punctuation :)
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Hi ya, I'm only on the first wk to and it is a killer. This is my ist time on lipotrim but have been on cd 2x so could say im a serial yoyo dieter. Well hopefully this is the last time for me. Im day 5 now and yes still hungry, fed up with the shakes and water and find myself constantly smelling and licking food, just for the taste very sad. I know what you mean when you have to cook for others it's very challenging but well done you for resisting.
From experience it does get easier and the more weight you lose the more the motivation kicks in.
Good luck with the rest of week one and remember just keep focased on how you could look in a few short mths:D
hi shrinky, thanks for the reply! i know exactly what you mean about smelling food lol EVERYTHING smells good ! i dont find the shakes too bad, ive been puttin mine in the fridge so there not so warm and sickly. apparently they are refreshing with ice cubes in and the vanilla ones are ok with a bit of coffe added although i hate coffee so no use to me lol
all this water is doing my head in because i dont usually drink alot of it, im more into diet coke and orange juice so thats quite hard.....plus all the trips to the loo lol!
what is your weigh in day? im hoping to lose at least 7lb this week due to water retention and all that jazz but would love to lose more!
keep up the good work and if sniffing food helps then go for it! just dont move those couple of inches to your lips ha ha xx
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i am new to the forum and on day 4.... please post your weigh in result to mativate me
Fancyfilly and Hom 16, How was your weigh in? I get weighed on Friday's and lost 7lb wk 1 and 6lb wk 2. Have been naughty though and had some Bernard m chicken, tut tut, tasted bloody good to! It really makes you feel hungry next day though and I have to sit through a meal today and drink water only. Oh well the price I pay for being greedy in the first place lol!
Hey everyone ^^^
how's the weight loss going?
I'm only day 1. Finding it a challenge not to sneak snacks in (like when feeding my 14month old her tea, or when hubby nips out and I'm only accountable to myself!) but have managed 100% so far. But I am v hungry. Finding the shakes not super tasty but just had choc as a mousse for third helping and actually not too bad! I'd love to know your losses to keep me going!
I'm starting at 15st 11. Whoa. Hope the journey is not too long!

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