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FAO Big time losers and maintainers!


can see the end in sight!
hello! this message is a cry for help for anyone who has lost a large amount or reached right through to goal. Basically, i didnt really notice the first 3 stone or so come off, but have noticed the last few...kind of. i still dont think it looks like i have lost 6 stone though! :eek:

i am 2 to 2.5 stone off goal or thereabouts as i have banished the scales for 5 weeks! i was wondering, anyone with experience of this kind of thing, did you notice the final couple of stone more? as i think i still look massive :cry:and can't see 2 stone making much of a difference.

so is it like a paper towel, when you start a new roll and start using it you cant notice much of a difference and when you get towards the end of the roll and take a couple of sheets off you really notice it getting slimmer? lol. i love that analogy.

thank you!:D
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ha ha, the toilet roll made me laugh!

I dont have personal experience of this but I would think that the smaller the surface area the more you'll notice a difference?!

Did you keep any pics? When I did LT I never thought I was slimmer but I kept a photo diary and looking back on it convinced me I had indeed decreased significantly xx


can see the end in sight!
i have some pics, i might upload some more tonight to do a comparison....fingers crossed the next couple of stone make a big difference!


can see the end in sight!
RIGHT - I have updated my pics! just been taken. damn my big hips and thighs!


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You most certainly can see a difference, you look fantastic! :D
there is a massive difference!! everyone has a different body shape. when I lose weight (3stone now) I lose everywhere but my belly!! This makes me feel like Im still large and cant see a difference but others see us differently. You look great


can see the end in sight!
thanks guys, it means a lot! i want to lose the next 2 and a half off my hips and thighs, that would be very nice indeed. i'll never be petite but just want to be in proportion and able to fit into 12/14's!


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You look 'maaazin and you can see a huge difference! I have only lost 2 stone 2lbs and i noticed the first stone most but still feel just as fat as i ever was. Occasionally, verrrry occasionally I have looked down at myself in the bath or a mirror and thought I glanced something slender but its a fleeting feeling, like when you wake up from a good dream and try to get back into it. Bah! x


WILL be Slim!
oh my god hun, you are so beautiful and you can see SOOO much difference!
I guess your brain will take longer to catch up with your body decreasing...!!

Please, be assured that you look STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't see them! When will I be able to? argh, i need to post like a loony to get my count up!
Wow you can really see a difference!!I have the same problem as you in that my hips and thighs are out of proportion to the rest of me, but I'm sure the weight will come off there one day.You are doing so well!!

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