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FAO Clare-Jo


is loving the soup?!
Hello hun, so it not just me on here at this time in the morning then, lol!

Im finding it ok, not hungry but just really missing food. Havent had too many symptoms yet luckily. Just wondering how Im going to do months of this when I miss food this much and its only day 3! My OH said that he can see a difference in my stomach already though, wow!!!

You've got off to a great start havent you? How did you find your first week?


is loving the soup?!
Don't worry - I find I am tempted less and less by food as I go along!
I am finding it OK...I've been doing it for about 9 days, but on day 3 and 4 last time I fainted! So I stopped, and started again soon after.
So really this is day 5 of doing it properly (and yes, those 6.5 pounds went in 4 days!). This time round I haven't had any faintness symptoms at all, or anything else scary, so I am thinking I might have been trying to do too muchbefore - this time round I've rested as much as possible. Yesterday I was so hungry for about four hours that I had to go to bed! But this morning I seem OK again. It's all ups and downs but the ups are far more than the downs. I haven't felt this relaxed or happy for a long time.
You fainted? Oh no! Day 3 and 4 tend to be the worst for people dont they? I think I'll be spending the day on here then trying to keep myself away from the biscuits!!!

6.5lb in 4 days, wow thats some going. To be honest Im a little worried that I wont lose very much this week as Im due my TOTM on Friday and my 1st WI is Thursday x


is loving the soup?!
I think you'll probably still get a good loss. My TOTM is due in a couple of days and I tend to retain water. Either way, you will still have lost loads of fat!

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