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FAO FernXx

You've done amazing!!!
Can i ask how old you are?
Have you found it hard?


I'm seventeen hun, was sixteen when i began slimmingworld! Its been a rollorcoaster of emotions, discovering msyelf as a person all over again, facing up to what i'd done to my body.. and at times it was difficult, but i enjoyed every secound, i owe everything to sw! Looking back the photos from when i made it to the final six at Slimming worlds Young Slimmer of The Year, that was deffinatly my high :)

it is difficult at times, but so worth it. Plus extra easy is a god send lol.. x
I take my hat off to you!!!

Its so nice to see someone so young (i hope that dont sound patronising) doing so well, and getting to goal!

Im 23 now but start dieting when i was 12 and over the years i yo-yo'd soooo much that i ended up being at my heaviest EVER!!!!!

You along with many other ppl are proof that this plan does work!!

Congratulations again to you hun and everyone else of course as every1 is doing AMAZINGLY!!!! :) xx
Thank you very muchly :) No no, you don't sound patronising at all, i'd love to see more younger people give sw a go. Might help tackle the obesity thats spreading like wildfire through school years!

- my best friend is 24 and has just signed up to my class with me. Bless her, i can;t wait for her to be at target too. :)

Just wanted to say how fab your own weightloss is :) Well done to you :D xxxx
Thanks lovely its taken me forever.........but the slower the loss the better its supposed to stay off.........apparently haha!!!


Haha, honest.. it'l come flying off once you get fully in the swing of things, you learn your body, and what works best for you.. (even if it all is in your head) - like for example, i swear my magic secret these past few weeks has been putting cinnomon in everything .. hahaha, last summer i ate 6 whole watermelons a week to myself for a month after a loss of 3lbs one week.. i was convinced! LOL

gosh, its crazy what dieting does eh? LOL

xxxx good luck, have a fab holiday, and come back and show us how fab and how size 16 you will be for xmas :) x

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