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Fao slendabenda

Thank you
I've kept it off by remembering every day what a difference being slim has made to my life.
My health has improved so much. My back doesn't ache, I can run upstairs, I can walk and talk at the same time!
I can walk up hills in heels.
I din't take time off work sick.
I LIKE having my photo taken.
I stick around here too - partly because I know how much it helped me when I saw people who were maintaining.
I also go to the maintenance group almost every week. In my head I rhink of it like going to the gym. It keeps me on track,
I have a great LLC who knows me well by now. She recognises if I'm struggling with emotional stuff - where else would I get free CBT/psychological support in a safe environment every week?
I have soooooo many lovely clothes and shoes etc.which I enjoy. I can't let that go..
I've invested time and money in myself doing LL.It took me a year to lose the other half of me - no way am I going back there.
I met BL through this. I value her as a real friend.
My OH is very proud of his slim wife. He only knew me fat before.
I can fit in any seat without thinking I'm going to break it!
I don't feel deprived of anything. I just have small portions of what I want.
I don't feel as though I've been on a diet - I've changed my relationship with food and drink.
I feel as though I've reclaimed my life and am making up for wasted time.

I could go on and on and on..............usually do!!!

Thank you for your question. I have had a bad day today. You've made me remember xxx:)


Skelator Here I come
you are AMAZING!!! Honestly, I really just felt compelled to tell you that.
Honestly, what an inspiration you are. Ive had a pretty bad day myself, and normally I would have reached for the wine and doritos by now, but your post has made a big difference to me :)

Youre great!!

Ask xxxx


Skelator Here I come
Awww so cute!!!! You look amazing too BL!!!!!

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