FAQs - Answered!

Hello All,

When reading on the forums Ive noticed that many questions are often asked and have put together a mini FAQ, I hope it helps!

1. May I have more than 1 mousse / bar per day

On sole source I would not have more than 1 mousse per day. The mix a mouse contains 20 Kcals per serving, so you are increasing your calories by up to 60 by having 3 per day!

I would only advise 1 bar per day on the sole source plan as they have a higher calorific content than the sachets. The chocolate bars have 172 kcals where as a sachet only has 138kcals. Therefore it would be only advisable to have one a day to remain in ketosis.

2. At what stage of the diet may I start to include, mousse, bars, water flavourings?

I would not start to add anything into the diet until you are established in ketosis. Therefore I would normally say to
refrain for the first two weeks.

After that time you can start introducing the water flavourings in moderation – no more than 1 teaspoon a day and a bar a day in addition to 1 mix a mousse if you would like to!

3. Are diet drinks allowed? What are the possible effects?

I would say no to diet drinks as many are not calorie free. Our Cambridge drink mixes are based on Malic Acid which allows you to remain in ketosis whilst drinking them on the diet, but only one teaspoon a day!

Diet coke also contains citric acid and research has shown that citric acid can prevent the body utilsing it’s carbohydrate stores and cause fluid retention.

However, once established on sole source and in ketosis, you could maybe have no more than 1 glass of diet drink per day as a one off treat if absolutely needed.

4. If I am very hungry, may I occasionally include an extra sachet?

If you are very hungry then you may not be in ketosis and should do a ketostix test to confirm this. If on sole source it would be best to investigate why this could be the case. If you have just started the programme, then this can be a side effect, whilst getting established on the diet.

If you are exercising or are involved in a manual/busy/strenuous occupation, then I would advise to have an extra sachet when needed to provide extra energy in a balanced form. This does not normally slow down the weight loss; however each individual is different.

5. When Can I start exercising? If I am already active when I start the diet, may I continue as normal?

I would advise that you refrain from exercise during the first two weeks of sole source whilst you adjust to the programme. After this I would encourage gentle to moderate exercise like walking and bike riding.

When you begin exercising, you may also feel hungry and therefore an extra product may be required alongside plenty of intake of allowable fluids. At first the scales may mis-read as your body adjusts to the introduction of exercise but remember you will be losing inches as you tone up!

6. What type of tea is allowed….fruit, herbal, decaff etc?

Green tea, peppermint tea and de-caff tea is all allowable on the diet. The rule is nothing that is made from a fruit or a flower but leaf herb teas are fine. If you require something hot and sweet then try a hot summer berry or sunshine orange.

7. May I only have 2 shakes a day to speed up weight loss on SS?

It is a myth that having 2 shakes a day will speed up weight loss. You should be having your full quota of shakes for the day to ensure that you are nutritionally complete. Also many who “skip” a shake find themselves feeling tired the next day due to not having the nutrition the day before.

8 . Can I carry a shake over to the next day?

Unfortunately not, you must have the allowable products in the same day as you would be increasing your calorie count for the day, alongside your carbohydrate intake.

I hope this is helpful.

Many thanks
PR Exec - Cambridge
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This is fantastic information especially for a newbie like me!!

There were 1 or 2 things I was wondering about tho-

Are diet sweetners allowed (sucrose/asparatime)?
Is sugar free chewing gum allowed?
Is fat free milk allowed?


I have asked Karensa to recheck the information about the waterflavourings as this is new information to me.

I have always been told the waterflavourings were limitless providing not used in first week until ketosis established.

Karensa will give definative answer shortly.

And Libbie, fear not with the weightloss you have achieved since January the waterflavourings have definitely not affected your loss:)
Hi Slim at Heart,

To answer your questions:

1 - yes you can use sweetener providing it is in tablet form
2 - gum is not a good idea as the chewing action can make you hungry and your stomach juices can start to build leaving you with acid and a sore stomach. If you really need to chew, use sugar free gum for a few seconds to freshen the mouth then get rid.
3 - you cannot have any milk at all until the 790 stage you are then allowed half pint of skimmed milk per day.


With regards to the water flavourings: -

Each spoon has calories and a small amount of carb. This can effect the ketotic state if you are sensitive. One teaspoon makes up 1 litre, so you would be having maximum two spoons a day, with the remainder of your fluid coming from plain water, tea and coffee etc.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Kerensa
Hi Kerensa,

Thanks so much for that as it does get confusing at times:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
hello kerensa,

thanks for that useful information. Have I read it right that we can only have 1 teaspoon of water flavour a day? I have been having a lot more than that and wondered if I am doing it wrong.

Many thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the clarification Karensa.

I agree with you Fireflies, this is the first I knew about this and without the forum other counsellors would not know.

We had always been told it was unlimited and the vegetable flavouring was only 1 teaspoon per day due to the carb content. Mousse only 1 per day.

I have many customers using the fruit flavouring without restriction losing stones in weight.

I do feel this needs to be formally clarified in a newsletter to all counsellors and once current stocks exhausted the limit should be on the labels as well.

For many years it was just water, black tea and coffee plus the packs of CD. Now we have added things it has become more complicated.

There are lots of changes afoot so I am sure it will all be sorted out soon.

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is the vegetable flavouring you're referring to the bouillion? I was told my CDC has it twice a day and uses CD water flavourings too. Is this not ok?
Also what if you make up a jelly? can you then not have the others that day?
Hello All,

This is only a guideline to have 1 per day, max 2. However, many people react in different ways and if you have been using more and still losing, then that is fine.

The veggie one is the one to be more strict with and you should really only have 1 tsp per day.

Many thanks,