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Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by Blue Bunny, 2 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. Blue Bunny

    Blue Bunny Full Member

    Is anyone following the Fast 5 diet? I've been doing it for 9 days and would really like a buddy to encourage me along the way!!
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  3. Faith_111

    Faith_111 Silver Member

    Yes yes yes!!!!!! I'm doing a version JUDDD which is quite similar to fast-5. I've started by doing strict alternate day fasting but it's really hard going without food as I tend to feel dizzy in the evenings even if I'm not hungry so having a yummy meal to look forward to really appeals! I've read the e-book and as I'm an all or nothing kind of girl so am happy not to eat anything until the 5 hour window.

    Here's a link to my diary. Would love to buddy up
  4. Blue Bunny

    Blue Bunny Full Member

    Hi Faith_111 :) I looked at the JUDDD but the restriction of only having 500 calories on the DD would mean certain doom for me!! The 19 hours of fasting on F5 is easy for me knowing I can have whatever I want in my 5 hour window, which is set at 5pm-10pm in my case. And I like the routine of doing the same thing every day :D It's my weigh in this evening and I'm not sure how I'm feeling about that, as the first 3 weeks are apparently a transitional stage so anything could happen-although I did lose 1lb last week after only following it for 3 days so fingers crossed. I'm off to have a nose at your diary now.....thanks for being my buddy xx
  5. kiwib

    kiwib Member

    Hi BlueBunny & Faith. I used to be on Dukan and thought I'd come back here to see if there was a section for F-5, and I'm glad to see your posts! I am in my 7th day today and am keen for tomorrow's weigh-in to see my first results. Like you, BlueBunny, I find it easy to fast because I know I can have exactly what I feel like when the time is right, and I also like knowing each day is the same. Being on Dukan for a year did teach me to love my veges, and I also lost a lot from that. But I'd started putting it back on, and couldn't seem to get back on Dukan. I was doing JUDDD for a while but found I overate on my up days, and so I wasn't losing at all.

    I can just feel from my body's reaction to the 19hr fast, 5hr eating window that this will work for me. I feel really strong and in control, and not at all greedy when my window opens! I've found that there's a real limit to how much you can comfortably eat in 5 hours, which means you have to decide beforehand just what you will eat. And some yummy food simply has to wait for another time! Right now I'm cooking bread in my machine -- when I was on Dukan I was only allowed 2 slices per day. It is wonderful knowing I can have more! But I won't eat too much because I have a nice big pork chop and some veges to cook for my main meal.

    It is going to take me 2 yrs to lose my excess baggage. But who cares? I am HAPPY AS!
  6. kiwib

    kiwib Member

    Lost 4.9lb (2.2 kg) my first week. Very happy. But it appears this thread may have died.
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  7. happy&healthy

    happy&healthy Full Member

    Hi Kiwib, Im doing fast 5, Im on day 4 today and i love it, I was posting a bit on the Juddd forum i think people doing any type of intermittent fasting post in there. That was a fantastic result for week one. It feels so free doesnt it. I have terrible willpower normally - thats why I found the bit about limbic hunger so interesting. I find fasting much easier than restricting calories and then eating till im full withing the window. I also make up my first meal before I break my fast and include at least 3 portions of fruit/veg and some nuts - i feel healthier already! I had my first weigh in today and Ive lost a lb, after 3 days - Im happy with that and also I dont really mind how slow this is it just feels right for me.
  8. BrightonBetty

    BrightonBetty Silver Member

    Are people still on this diet? Is it effective? I am also a bit of an all or nothing girl so for me fasting is quite suitable... Plus I know that after not eating for that many hours I feel guilty stuffing my face with rubbish so would be quite happy to eat sensibly in that 5 hour window!

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  9. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    I'm doing JUDD at the moment, but someone mentioned fast 5 on there today. I've just read the e book. I'm considering it cos I do 5 pm - 5pm fasts on my down days and once I've had my tea I am not bothered about food again until the next evening. I'm finding my up days too long and eating way too much so I think it would work for me.xx
  10. BrightonBetty

    BrightonBetty Silver Member

    I am also looking to start fast 5 soon but there doesn't seem to be much information out there or many people on here doing it... Would be nice to get some feedback :)

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  11. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    If you have a look in the JUDDD section, there are people there doing all sorts of fasting including fast fave x

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