Fast Food


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If fast food is still within your calorie allowance it shouldnt be a problem right?

I mean if you had a chicken salad wrap at mcdonalds (365 cals) but it was still in your calorie total for the day it is acceptable?

How about things like a chocolate freddo once a week? Or a chicken kebab with no sauce if you dont eat the pitta bread?

I guess what I am trying to ask is can you still eat fast food and loose a lot of weight?
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That's the thing about calorie counting, anything is allowed. There's no red days and green days. There's no limiting carbs. There's no anything but your set calorie level and you can, technically, have what you want. Now you don't wanna go and have ALL your days allowance with freddos every day but once a week, hell even once a day, it really isn't a problem. You want to try and be healthy with your calories when possible but treats are fine. A chicken salad wrap is 'fast food' because it's from McDonalds but you could easily have had that at home and it would have been the same calories, so things like that are absolutely fine. So yeah, you can still eat fast food and lose weight as long as you make healthy choices where possible and, generally, stay within your calories. Even the occasional over day won't ruin it all.


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I'm having a pizza this weekend but rather than having a massive fatty one from pizza place i'm having a asda Double Pepporoni Stonebake one that's 365 ish for half pizza n then I can have some fries with it for tea :)

This is why I love this diet :D xx


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Following on from what Caroline said, that's exactly why I'm loving this diet, it's flexible. You don't have to stop eating, just limit how much, it can be as enjoyable as you want it to be.


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My diet would last about 2 days if I couldn't have wee bits of chocolate or a take away now and again!


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The fact that we can eat anything (within cal limit) is the only reason I can keep on track! x


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Freddos are great to snack on if you need a real choc fix. I wouldn't have one everyday though. Kebab are fine IMO it's grilled chicken and pitta bread is also low in cals so why not!