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fast forward

it's meant to give you that extra boost, but if normal food optimising is working for you then it doesn't matter.

Dependingon how much you weigh you are given so many units to use per day, in my case 19 units, there is a column for 1 unit, 2 unit and 5 units and 8 unit, so I had 2 x 5, 1 x 1 unit and 1 x 8 unit. You have to stick to it. I thought I read somewhere on here someone had lost 6 lbs in one week, I am close to my target weight so I didn't think I would lose much so was very happy when I did. Anyway, this week don't seem to be having much luck.
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It's something that needs to be given to you by your consultant if you've really hit a plateau...not just a couple of weeks without losing, but quite a long time with food diaries and being honest and all that!

It's not really slimming world proper - it's designed to get things moving again. You have a restricted number of meals to choose from.

If you search the forums you will read about it.

If you lost lots last week orientallady, then that's probably why you're not showing a loss this week. Plus, you shouldn 't be weighing every day! Wait for the full week to see if it's a success.


Starting Again!
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I'm not an expert on FF, but if your consultant has told you to do it for another week then just stick with it and see what your results are on weigh day, Hellie has excellent advice (as ever) don't weigh everyday it will just mess with your head.


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Agreed - I weighed myself every day last week and on the night before WI I was all stressed out as it looked like I had STS. Well our bodies and scaled work in myserious ways as I lost 3lb.

Take their advice dont weigh every day ... and stick in there those pounds will move along with the inches xxx


Starting Again!
S: 27st9lb C: 23st12lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 3st11lb(13.7%)
Well said! Our bodys change all throughout the day. Home scales can be different to the SW ones by up to 7lbs, so just chill out, relax, follow the plan and the scales will reward you come weigh day :)
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well done on your loss our consultant says do it on a one week at a time basis


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Well done on your 5lbs loss.

I only weigh on WI days, I put my scales away in the spare bedroom, I like the pleasure it gives me when I get on the scales and I have lost again, you can't beat it.

Good luck with getting to your goal soon.

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