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fast help needed asap!


a new way of living!


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I second that - add a wee bit of sweetner if the cocoa doesn't sweeten it enough for you. Wish I had some quark in the fridge - hmmm so yummy!



It's probably a silly question but why do you need the chocolate? Is it habit? or is it that something happened? or is it that you really really need it. I'm only new and am DEFINITELY not the best for advice but I gave up chocolate cold turkey a weeka go and have had cravings. So far, I've managed to ignore them because they are either related to the time of day i.e. after the kids go to bed or something has happened and I'm comfort eating :(.

Maybe, just maybe if you figure out why, it might stop you wanting the chocolate.


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The great thing about slimming world is that you needn't give up anything. Of course if you want to completely give it up then that's fine. But I personally think depriving yourself of something you enjoy is not going to be managable in the long run.

I love chocolate and I have some most days by using my syns. I know if I deprived myself of it, I would of failed the plan a long time ago.
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a new way of living!
mix the quark with a bit of cocoa powder and top it onto a digestive maybe??? as a no bake cheesecake lol

OMG that is a fab idea! maybe with a splodge of nutella too with a flake on top?

mmm perhaps taking it too far? :eek:

mmmm... will add the powder to the quark and a biccie though, just off to check syns, I need a lot.

not sure why I need it, aside from doing an 11hour shift straight today with no break! lol that might do it!

bet that shift has burned off at least a couple of digestives!


a new way of living!
by the way...

OH - after I expressed urgent need for chocolate...

bought in a tin of fox's special collection chocolate biscuits and started playing a recorded film.....

willy wonka and the chocolate factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any suitable suggestions for a response anyone???

so far he has had " no thanks honey, wedding dress..."

and "#~^%(&%&(*!"

and "if you waft it under my nose again, I'm going to hit you with the TIN!"

anymore?? ;)


a new way of living!
thanks for the replies, I remembered that I have guests all weekend, and will prob go over syns for those days, so have decided to save my syns, its funny when you think of the long term consequenses (i.e. using syns now when I know I will prob go over them the weekend) suddenly diminishes your cravings! My word! my head really is in the right place today!

clicked on your blog brit mum and I love your site! thanks for the mini cheese cake idea, will use it another day defo!

so, in the end, keith hid the biscuits again (made me more determined if anything!) and we took dog for a walk, just started raining as we got back! going for a nice hot shower, cammomile and honey tea and off to bed!

chocolate can wait today!

yee haaar, I won the cadbury monster!

night nights