Fast or Slow?

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by redmel, 12 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    I am just being nosey really, do you gulp your shakes down fast...or sip them slowly:p

    Mel x
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  3. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Usually slowly, especially the morning one as trying to get 101 other things (ie kids breakfast and school lunches) done at the same time lol!
  4. Tink78

    Tink78 Member

    I tend to gulp the morning one pretty quickly but then if I have a smoothie or bar for lunch I tend to savour it and make it last!
  5. mondayclubber

    mondayclubber Full Member

    im the same as tink. I gulp down the morning one, as im normally running late!..then i savour the lunch time one, as things have normally calmed down a bit by then.Is it just me, or is it so much easier when your working to stay ontrack?.the days that im working i find it soo much easier.

    linda xx
  6. pinkyfluff

    pinkyfluff Grappling with life

    Yes working and being in routine really helps. Today was picnic/funday at school so I grabbed and ate what I could when I could. I like routine.

    In answer to the other question. I always drink my shakes through a straw so they last longer!

  7. sparkelwings

    sparkelwings in my dreams!!!!!!

    yeah i have to gulp mine too! by the time everyone else is sorted for school and i've got ready for work theres no time left to sip it slowly and for me i've got to have it before i go to work as theres no opportunity to have it there so am really good on those days, other days struggle a bit more as no structure and no willpower. :(
  8. purplekei

    purplekei Full Member

    I drink mine fast too haha, although i have time at my leisure! im just greedy lol
  9. cherrysabs

    cherrysabs Full Member

    With 4 daughters to run around after I just am so busy I tend to gulp mine lol.

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