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  1. Keighleyjo2010

    Keighleyjo2010 Silver Member

    I have taken advice of having a book with goals, weigh in's, reasons why I want to lose weight etc.

    But I don't know where to start, I have dug out a an old note book but I don't know what to put it in.... Please help...
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  3. cankles

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    Start with your reasons, what made you first go ' I need to do something about this!', is there a photo you can stick in there to keep you on track?
    Then your goals, one step at a time, get into the next stone bracket, lose a stone etc
    Then work out how many lbs you want to lose and make a page into squares you can colour in/mark off as you lose each lb.
    Have you done your measurements? You can track these on another page and your weekly weight loss on another.
    Good luck hun.xx
  4. Setas

    Setas Silver Member

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    All the things you want to do but weight is stopping you, all the things you want to do when you are slimmer. when people say nice or encouraging things to you write it down - At the moment I am thinking packets of butter - one of the Mums(i don't know her really - not even her name) who knows I am doing CD came up to me in the playground a few weeks ago and said - you are looking really good how much have you lost - I said 52 lbs and she said well done and walked off. Then a few mins later she came running back and said you have done so well do you know you have lost 104 packets of butter! My face was a picture. It was so lovely of her and now when I am having a weak moment I think of that - so 126 packets of butter now - yeugh - how gross!
  5. LovelyLauren

    LovelyLauren My husband = My hero

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    Cambridge Diet ss
    i will put what i have in mine page by page lol so bear with me...

    1. start date - start weight - bmi - weeks to goal date - goal date - goal weekly weight loss.
    2. Mini goals...
    3. Chalenges
    4. BMI goals
    5.Clothes to fit into goals
    6. Date each half stone is lost
    7. sizes dropped
    8. Next clothes size guide size 20 - 12
    9. inch loss record
    10. weekly weight loss and BMI
    11. pounds to go countdown!
    12.Excercise log week by week
    13. Reasons to loose weight
    14. progress so far and estimated weights on certain dates from losses so far...
    15. my 30 day shred prgoress

    hope that gave you some ideas.. some like goals etc took 2-3 pages so notebook is over half full...

    add new thigns each time i think of new goals etc or little challenges to keep me going"

  6. Keighleyjo2010

    Keighleyjo2010 Silver Member

    Thanks for that Hun, will def be adding most of what you have
  7. determinator

    determinator Banned

    what a fabulous idea , the one lauren has sounds amazing , I really wish i had done soemthing like this , and I wish i had taken photos of each stone down to keep progress ....
  8. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

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    slimming world
    Wow that really is a fab idea. And a great motivator for when ur struggling. Think I'll do one for myself for my new year weight loss journey. Good luck girlies xx
  9. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

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    was cambridge now exante
    mine has start date, weight, bmi, stats, i re measure every so often and work out how many inches lost this time and how many over all, my reasons to lose weight, my weight and bmi goals, my treat goals ( new top, nails done, new hair do etc ) stuff plucked out of weight loss/self improvement books

    oh and in the back i write down what it is im craving, promised that little voice if i was still craving it at goal then it can have a little bit, half the cravings have disappearred now
  10. sarah-louise x

    sarah-louise x Silver Member

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    i did a journey book when i did LL and it has been fab, especially as i have since had a baby and re-gained what i lost, its a great motivator. i decorated my pages with pretty paper and stickers ect and put in it anything i felt i wanted in it, most of which has already been mentioned on here by others so im sure ul have a fab book in no time at all. im starting CD on 27th Dec and will be starting a new journey book as i have about 6 stone to lose, i cant wait to get it started and its great to help keep u focused too, good luck and wish u every sucess :) x
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