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***Fat Fighting FRIDAY Hour by Hour***

I'm all set for a busy day, so worrying about food shouldn't come into the equation today, although LO wants to go Tesco because I have got to find him some blue cakes! So today should be a good one!


WILL be Slim!
morning Julie!
Well done for SS+ 100% hun! Hat's off to you, your doing amazing!!!

Well its Friday so i'm happy....but had my poo tablet on wednesday and had a "clear" out yesterday (sorry tMI) but now today i feel really bunged up :( Dont know why?!?!?!

Still being 100% and looking forward to my 10th week weigh in tomorrow!

Morning all,

I had my first blip last night since I started this 4 weeks ago. I was just so desperate for something savoury as I don't like the soup and before I knew it I'd eaten some crisps. They were my favourite type but actually I found that I didn't like them, so threw most of it out. Funny how my taste buds have changed! Still, I'm well and truly out of ketosis and feeling knackered this morning.

Am having 2 planned meals off plan this weekend as it is my birthday, my godson's birthday, a christening and my parents in law's ruby anniversary (guess we're going to be busy then :D)! Will have lunch at a tandoori restaurant on Saturday (my choice so am driving miles to go somewhere I will enjoy low carb food ;)) and then a small meal at the christening on Sunday. The rest (BBQ Sat night and Sun night) I will miss out as otherwise I think I would struggle to get back on the wagon on Monday morning...

I'm still hoping for a 2lb loss this week and next, but will be happy with any loss really. Right time to go to work!

Well done to all you 100%-ers! You are doing brilliantly!

Have a good day and don't forget that water!


is gonna do it!!
I had my 2nd weigh in yesterday and lost 4lbs!!
Im still sticking to ss 100% and am finding it ok. Were going butlins at the end of july, so will be eating for that weekend, so need to stay focused till then.
Not much planned today, its raining here.
Hope u all have a good day x


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Morning All
I am on 'the sick' for 2 weeks with my torticollis, problem with vertebrae so painful back, neck, shoulder, never been on sick before so feeling guilty !

Lots of painkillers helping and anti-inflammatories, can't see the physio til the 6th !

Anyways I need to find my daughter some trainers for cub camp tonight (she lost one at school yesterday and they were blooming Nike Max, so I am going to buy some cheap ones for her to play in. How do you lose one shoe !

Making curry for hubby and kids tonight, mmmmm, not for me tho lol - shakey shakey !

Start of Week 2 today and feeling ok, felt a bit hungry last night but seems to have passed.

Hope everyone well x


yesterday did not go well.

Shake at 9-10 am for breakfast
Shift started at 12
Got my "lunch" at 6:15pm
Came home had third shake at 9pm

Felt ill. Really wiped out. This ward for a 12-8 is too busy to keep to SS+, really hard to stick to. Ended up picking, so that in addition to forgetting shakes/packs/lunch twice this week due to running late in morning means a hefty 4lbs gain this week.

I am frankly unconcerned, I barely have time atm to do very much of anything much less worry about a temp weight blip.

Next week I am all earlies,so thats good. Means lunch and dinner at a better time, but will be moving up to 810, so might not see a huge drop in the scales as would be lovely.

Too stressed to stress about weight. It'll sort itself out in time.


Oh yeah and my waters been crap this week, and I'm really feeling it. Managing maybe a scant 2L if I'm really lucky.

Damn you life and your getting in the way. Beginning to wonder if would be best maintaining for 4 weeks until back at uni and into a better routine. But think therein lies the road to ruin.

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Morning all,

Lexie you have one of the best attitudes on this whole forum. You amaze me hun. Good luck with 810 xxx

I am having a well needed lazy day with oh. Meant to have gone to Thorpe but decided not to. I've been ill most of this week so chilling today is gonna be fantastic.

As I wrote in my positive thread this morning...... so what if I've stayed the same weight for a couple of weeks. I'm far better off than I was (weight wise) a few months ago so i'm telling myself to be patient :)

Wishing everyone a great day, to all those who have blipped.. look forward now not backwards and to those who have had good losses well done and well deserved. To others wo are taking planned days off enjoy every bit of it,

hugs xxx


Stubborn tortoise
Hang on Lexie... and keep drinking the water! Think moving to 810 now is a good plan, you could maybe have your meal at a time to suit you & give you energy for work? Think once your body adjusts you WILL lose weight, definitely. You're wise not to be panicked by things just now, your priority is work, but 810 should keep the weight loss ticking over too. Good luck.



Slimming down the aisle
Morning all, I'll be in and out a bit today. My brother in law is now in hospital, the same one my niece, his daughter, was in at the weekend! He's a mechanic and cut his thumb at work but pretty badly. Was so deep he got the tendon too so they've got to operate. I hear bad things come in threes, so I'm going to go wrap the rest of them up in bubble wrap!!!

Well done on keeping 100% Julie, I think sometimes when you introduce food it becomes harder at first, so well done to you!

Lisa... blue cakes?! Are you going to make them? I've never seen blue cakes before!

Liz, are you drinking plenty of water? Maybe try upping your water intake by a litre each day and see how that does, or maybe try some psyllium husks? Might be worth trying the fibre-69 stuff, though it's a preventative, so you have to umm... debung and then start taking it!

I know exactly what you mean Alli, my tastes have changed too. Because I'm not used to having sugary things, things taste different. Anything too sweet and I just don't like it. Don't think I could ever drink normal coke again, though I haven't for a while anyway. Also, I hated courgettes, thought they had not much of a taste and were horrible. But I had them a little while ago and actually quite liked them! They were a lot sweeter than normal. I wouldn't worry about being out of ketosis, it won't take long for you to get back in again, afterall it wasn't even a whole pack of crisps. Good luck with getting back on the wagon now and after your meals off at the weekend.

Well done on your loss moti, doesn't it feel great?!

Aww Lexi hun things sound so stressful for you at the moment, I really hope it all gets better soon. I really wouldn't worry about that gain either, you look amazing and have done amazingly. It's not like you're just picking for the sake of it, it's completely understandable why you are. Like you said, it'll sort itself out I'm sure. You can probably still lose 4-5lbs a week on 810, so you never know!

Sunshine that's a great way to think about it, there's no point looking backwards. If you're looking behind you then you can't see the stumbling blocks ahead, you can't prepare for them and you fall once again. I hope you enjoy your well earned day of rest!

Morning Katy! Hope you're good! :)


Aw thanks guys.

Have to move up to 810 this week anyway (12 weeks on SS/SS+ end today) so I'll see how I go.

Just have so much going on that weight is at the bottom of my list atm, essay is proving a pain in the ass. Its almost written as I'm chipping away at it a wee bit every night, its just not flowing right. So many of my discussed areas overlap and it just feels messy.

Anyway - long story short I'll get there.

Right. Thats my hour of "me" time almost up. Going to go for shower, walk dog and get ready for placement. Today lunch Big Mushroom and Cottage cheese. Tetra.


Slimming down the aisle
Well I've just jumped on the scales, again! Have turned into a daily weigher it seems! I do once in the morning and that's it generally, but I might weigh myself in the evening too to give me an idea of how much my weight changes from morning to evening, as I'm getting weighed in at 7pm on Monday. Anyway, another 1lb down from yesterday morning, which means I'm down 4lbs from Monday evening which is nice! Good to see that the 1000 plan is still working.


Stubborn tortoise
Crossed posts with you earlier Sunshine... your day sounds fab! Chill-out is what we all need.

Caroline, you are really motivated and good today too... go you! And everyone else, hiya and keep on being as good as you can be!

I will be on a train most of today on way down to London, working away for next 16 days... eek. It's so sunny out I do not fancy being stuck on a stuffy train, but hey... better than the rain I guess!



Slimming down the aisle
Enjoy London Katy, and say hello from me!! I miss London :( It's strange, I never really appreciated it fully until I left and now I realise just how much like home it feels. Even when I go to visit, it feels more like home than what I actually call home is. Can't wait to finish uni and get back there! Jobs permitting... =s


Slimming down the aisle
You know, I might even go swimming today too! Though I don't really like going by myself for some reason, and there's no-one around to be able to come with me at the moment. Starting to notice saggy bits :(
I have just had my A&C porridge and i am working today. I have just jumped back on the wagon after a cr*p week, so i am hoping to stick to the diet 100% this week.

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