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Fat free fromage frias?

Aw that's brilliant thanks I will look tomorrow. There seems to be a good few recipes on the website with the Fromage frais and can't find it for the life of me? I've tried yoghurt aisle, dairy aisle, cheese aisle?!
Tescos light choices Normandy natural fromage frais is free on all plans, im not sure it's fat free, think tub says virtually fat free, it's in food directory. Hope this helps, I've seen it in most tesco's with all the plain/Greek yogurts etc. Hope this helps xxx
Checking book -

sainsburys be good to yourself 0.1% fat Normandy natural fromage frais is free

Asda good for you natural fromage frais is free

Waitrose virtually fat free fromage frais all varieties is free

Just thought this might help as they don't say fat free x
I tend to have it mostly with chopped up fruit for breakfast, but you can put it in anything, like soups, sauces, off the heat to make them creamier. Make dips out of it. Chop up garlic and mint finely little salt and pepper and mix into ff and makes tzatziki. Or blend some chick peas with roasted red pepper ( spray with fry light put in oven for 10 mins) garlic, paprika, s&p and then a little ff makes yummy hummus! Both dips are free! Use it as sour cream substitute with chillis. For something else sweet I mix it with quark and and options hot choc sachet, there's tons of different flavours, I like choc orange! And it's like a choc mousse!!

Hope this helps!!xx
Like what? It's such a big tub I'm struggling to think what to use it all for. Any inspiration?! X
If you like fruity mousses, just make up a hartley sf jelly up to 1/4 pint when slightly cool put it in bowl with the 500g from frais, whisk up then leave in the fridge to set. Gorgeous and fills a sweety hole when you have the nibbles. Enjoy!


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I know that there is an old thread, claiming that Morrison's Eat Smart FF Natural Fromage Frais has syns. However I double checked it and on the SW syn calculator, it is listed as free on all plans. The big pot with 500g costs about 80p in Morrison's and I like it better than any other, because it is really creamy. You find it next to the natural yogurts (that's in our M's anyway).
Jill x


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Like what? It's such a big tub I'm struggling to think what to use it all for. Any inspiration?! X
I use it as a dessert, either with fresh fruit or on it's own with a little sweetener. I also put it on crackerbread with jam on top. It's brilliant as a cooking ingredient for many sauces and currys, yummy :)

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