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Fat friends

Im not as big as some of my friends, but it doesnt matter to me cos whatever i know i am doing something about it :D


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I know a lot of people must be and are bigger/fatter than me...... but where are they? None of my friends are big. So my question is - in your group of friends are you the biggest/fattest? xxx

cos I am most definitely!
Yeah I'm the biggest of my friends now. Even when I was 11 stone many years ago and I looked ok. My friends were all about 7 stone so I looked massive compared to them. I would kill to be 11 stone again now. I remember telling them I weighed 11 stone and they all gasped in horror. Glad I dont see them any more, huh.


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i was the fat one out of my friends, always was.
now im the 3 to smallest, since shifting the weight is funny how people go , as i dont see them often now..... oh well is life ey :)
growing up alot of my friends were very tall and a lot bigger than me - my best friend was 5'10 and 16stone at 14, she lost weight and was pretty much verging on anorexic over 2 years and was then smaller than me. my best friend now has always been very small and since starting uni is now tiny going from a size 10 to 8, but is one of those people who dont look overly thin she is quite petite. now, this sounds sad, i dont really have many 'friends' i have my boyfriend, family, work colleagues and people i say hello to but thats it really
............ interesting x
I was always around 8 to 9 stone when I was in my 20's and was always just the same as my friends really.
But since packing in smoking 7 years ago I'm now 16st and don't really see any of my old or new friends....I try to avoid EVERYONE cos of my weight gain, most of my weight has come on in the past couple of years. My weight gain has taken me away from sociallising so I don't see anyone other than my very close family, and I would want the ground to open up and suck me in if I saw anyone I know...:eek::(

one of the reasons I'm starting back on SW is that I'm sick of being the ONLY FAT MUM when I take my little girl to Nursery. I know people look at you differently when you are fat...I used to get soooooo many compliments when I was slim, I was soooooo outgoing etc....
but now, I'm lucky if anyone wants to even say hello to me outside the school...:cry:
actually, there are a couple of lovely Mums who I talk to for a quick chat each day, but I am sooooooo concious that I'm the biggest person there.

Infact, I hardly ever see anyone as big as me when I'm out and about, and I live in the busy city of Liverpool, so loads of people to compare myself with...

I'm hoping to lose at least a stone during the Summer holidays so when we go back to Nursery people may notice...especially if I can wear some of my smaller clothes...I wear the same things over and over again (black tops & black trousers).

sorry for the long post...:eek:
My friends are all very different shapes one friend is bigger than me but she isn't fat if that makes sense she is just a big build but toned. Another friend is very tiny waist up, but very wide at her hips and bum. Next to her i look thinner bottomed but big up top (MY FF boobs don't help)! i have a few 'fat' friends, few 'normal' - not skinny but not really fat and few skinny, we are mixture of bodies to be honest.

Going out for a meal with a very slim friend and bigger but toned friend next week, that makes me very uncomfortable! But i need to stop worrying about things like that and start enjoying myself more.


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Erm with one group of friends Im the biggest, as they are a size 8/10...

In another we are all same kinda size

And another Im the smallest and Im the smallest in my family!!


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i was the fat one out of my friends, always was.
now im the 3 to smallest, since shifting the weight is funny how people go , as i dont see them often now..... oh well is life ey :)
Hi - as I have lost inches and generally fitter I have found that some 'friends' have dropped off the horizon. I think it's because we don't have the same basic values anymore - mine are more towards being fit and healthy, and also being satisfyed with my life and therefore not moaning about things as they always seemed to be doing..... perhaps they can sense that i have moved on and they are not comfortable with that. I have new friends who are on my wavelength. All about my size, of if bigger happy with the way they are.....


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I am aiming to be the slimmer one!!!

Goddamit Ive had years of their size 8's 10's and 12's now they are in 14's and 16's and still climbing.. I am tackling my weight before its too late.. Because of my wobble last week I am determined to not feel guilty that someone else is bigger than me or not doing anything about their problem. I started at over 14 stone and am now just under 13..

I will be the slimmer one rrrraaaaaahhhhh lol

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