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so today i saw a girl from work that id not seen for 3 weeks... its my week 5 weigh in tomorrow, i use my scales for weigh in and ive lost 2 stone 3lbs.... anyway..... so i walked onto the unit i work on today and she just looked at me and said "wow..... look how thin your hands are!!" i never realised i had fat hands but now i look at then they REALLY are thinner lol!! we had a right old giggle.... a very strange compliment to say the least:)
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I've noticed a big difference in my hands, The skin feels a lot more like crepe paper, so I'm slathering on the moisturiser. It's also a good way of judging if I have water retention too because that's when they get puffy again.


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Well done! I'm going to wave my hands about a bit more now and see if anyone notices a difference in them. My brother teases me for having "Shovel Hands"!! :(

Judging by my hands, I definitely have water retention yorkiegal! That, or they still haven't been affected by any weight loss... Hmm.

I like this thread - I'd like thinner hands.
LOL @ the op!!

I also have the crepey (sp) hands thing going on and it aint coz im old im only 32 :confused: must be the shrinkage!! lol actually bought my very first hand cream yesterday
Yep, me too........my rings are all loose now!


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mine have gotten so slim, i love it. they were never particuarly chubby, i have always had slim wrists etc, so i was amazed that none of my rings fit now, didnt think i had any weight there to lose.

hand cream - the best i have tried, and i have tried a few is the body shop almond oil hand rescue treatment. lovely and makes your nails so strong!


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I have very skinny arms and legs as I carry all my weight around my belly(s), so have never had 'fat' hands, but my skin is going a bit wrinkly on my hands. I am slathering on the hand cream too and the best I have tried is L'occattaine Shea Butter Hand Cream, its really good.
yes same here actally when i posted some photos that was one of my comments " look how different your hands are " - i do love having slimmer hands they did go like old womans for a week or two but now are just fine ! must of had water rentention in them??
When I was at my biggest at over 18 stone my mum used to always say to me that my hands and arms are so big they'd knock Mike Tyson out! Now they are the total opposite, my hands are very small but they're not that wrinkly.

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