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Fat to bin

Hello,Im loving reading these diaries and have been lurking in the shadows for a few days so taking the plunge and starting one myself. Well here I am one fat older lady binning the junk once and for all .With my track record of lifelong yo yoing I could finish my life in anything from a size 10 to an 18 coffin :D:D.I joined SW late last Nov and lost 16lbs pretty easily.. I stopped going when the class got enormous and we all lost interest before the consultant had got half way round.I went back on Thursday to find it much smaller and more personal again.. I liked it.. BUT ... all the 16lbs was back on. Fair enough as I could keep Hovis and Lurpack in buisness !! I need to get to a healthy B.M.I. as I have osteoarthritis in my spine and have had a couple of operations . I have had pain in my knees too which are struggling under the blubber..Ive always had legs like Pilsbury the dough boy.I am a full time teacher but jealous of so many of my friends taking very early retirement or redundancy .I love cats,I like painting,singing and the countrside. Mainly I live to laugh and have a wonderful sense of humour which Im going to need on this weight loss journey as I forsee a few punctures and pit stops along the way.Hopefully ,it will be a lovely scenic journey ...menus to follow
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Took my kitten to vet for his castration ...I say kitten he is the size of many dogs .Back home. Told to keep him resting as he wont want to eat much or move about ..WRONG !! Eating and leaping about like a tigger. Spent today at the seaside just north of Whitby and had jacket,beans and salad while telling myself I would enjoy that far more than a toastie and that no thanks, I wouldnt like a piece of carrot cake nor the ice cream my rather rotund OH was so tactfully offering. You see, if I stay fat , he wont feel so bad.2 eggs on toast for breakfast and amazing rice sald with peppers,grapes,cucumber cubes,raddish bits,sweetcorn,ham cubes ,pineapple (11/2 syns) and 42g of half fat cheddar Hex ..Its amazing .Oh ,I forgot the beetroot which I will remember later tonight when I think I am bleeding to death :D:D.Off to get my little red note book out to plan tomorrow.


One day at a time
Hiya dmboanas

Just thought I'd pop in and see how your doing. Do you come from another country, I don't know why but I picture you do, I might have got it wrong lol :eek:

You sound really determined and you sound like you like your class again. I know what you mean about class size. I used to go to a really nice class with a superb consultant on a Thursday, then the group just got bigger and bigger and the lound people where heard all the time and the quiet ones wasn't, so now I go to a different class with another consultant who is good too, its just a shame really. Anyhoo I'm waffling, catch up with you later Boo xx
I think I must be one greedy woman .. Reading the menu plans , I seem to eat a hell of a lot ..well a bit like those free menu ideas on the SW website. Example .. this morning I was having 2 eggs on hex bread. Well one egg burst its yoke ( was having dry fried ) so I put another one in , intending to eat just the 2 whole ones.. The eggs ended up scrambled so I ate the lot but then of course had to have my superfree stuff so 2 satsumas later .. scary thing was that I wasnt stuffed !!!! I am going out later as have to fill my long summer holiday ( teacher) with trips out.. A trip out isnt complete without a tea room visit in my husbands eye. After all that breakfast, I shouldnt want much esle till later. I may just pack a banana for emergencies .. Other thing is a black labrador ..Bentley !!!!!! My daughters dog seems to live with my husband and me . I am not a dog lover and its a long story but we seem to have him a hell of a lot and so today he will be joining us , thats after hes been to the bl**dy vets yet again ..very accident prone. Says a lot when we walk into the very busy vets and whoever is on reception knows both ours and pets names..Catch up later.
Vet trip turned into a £ 180 operation with lots of medication to continue at home.. Oh well, all those eggs kept me full till tea time .. its now 7pm and I am about to have shep pie for tea.. I only ate a peach since breakfast and I didnt really mean to have that.. sounds stupid I know but bit it to see if all in the pack were as dry as the first one I tried because I was about to throw them away. This one was juicy so I could hardly put it back till tomorrow . I got the first of many SW cook books I bought off e bay today.. curry heaven . Will give some of those a go . Fool as I am , I paid way over the origional sale price ..
hey just popped in to see ur diary ;-) you sound very determined so i wish you all the best and poor doggy hope hes better soon enjoy your holidays xx
Hi dmboanas,

I found you! I was just going to tell you how to put your address on your signature and I see you've done it now lol!

Loving your diary so far! Poor old Bentley! :( Hope his problems aren't too serious and he gets sorted really soon, bless him!

So we can look forward to some interesting curries on your diary in the very near future!!! Lovely! I love a nice curry:eating: . I cooked a nice lentil dahl last week which the whole family liked. And hubby cooked a curry from one of the sw magazines which was gorgeous.

Enjoy the rest of your evening xx


One day at a time
Ha ..I come from Hull though its like another country. !! My group is on a Thursday too.I like that one as its walking distance from home .
Lol sorry that did make me laugh ooops! Boo xx


Trying - very!
I thought Hull was another country? Well it is to me being from t'other side of the Pennines in Lancashire !!!

Keep up the good work - your start looks really good. Don't worry about the amount you eat - so long as it's the right stuff - and your portions aren't huge. That's the great thing about SW - you can eat well as long as you're sensible.

I'm on the scenic route too - 4 years so far with a stop/go for 3 years. But is does work, so just plod along and you WILL get there.
I love all these diaries and as Im a teacher Ive got a few weeks to read and reply to loads of posts.. Bentley dog is feeling very sorry for himself today and still wobbly after the op yesterday. Barry the kitten on the other hand is leaping about as normal after his castration. He kindly brought me my first live 'present' last night..... a half dead frog.. Oh horrors , I couldnt leave the poor creature wriggling so one large bolder later Eugh !! The cat is a huge all blue Norwegian Forest and a born predetor so wears the biggest bell round his neck.. Today I feel huge which is mas when yesterday I felt positivly skinny. The first hurdle of the day is getting dressed..oh how I hate it. I wont have a baths because I have to see it all..at least with showers you can stand up and not look down .The rolls of flab are far more flattering when standing.. I had to have bathe a few times when I had some neck operations over the last 2 years and sat in the bath staring ahead and making sure I didnt catch sight of the neck down blob. Shower over so comes the next hurdle .. clothes. Im not at work now so dont get anything ready to put on the night before , maybe I should. There I am standing there knee deep in discarded t shirts having dismissed any ideas of wearing them so I settle for something resembling a tea rooms table cloth and hear a little positive voice calling to me that I will be wearing some of the contents of my wardrobe before too long. Magic porridge ..love it and read about it here and can see it becoming a firm favourite. All planned for today though I find it hard to drink black coffe in the tea rooms my husband feels addicted to going in. He is supposed to be supporting me and could do to lose weight too as he is looking more like Tweedle Dee each day but when the waitress comes to us with the coffee she appears to be carrying a bl**dy huge piece of cake ( for him !! )..now thats support !!
:rolleyes: ... husbands eh???!!! :8855:

Actually I shouldn't say that as mine is really supportive and only cooks sw food when I'm at work. He's very trim, which is one of the reasons I had to lose weight as I looked so ENORMOUS standing next to him...a bit like Ebb & Flo in that newspaper cartoon lol! :eek:

Right...I'm off for my shower (NOT bath lol) then I really should hit Tesco and get some sw friendly stuff to cook for tomorrow nights taster class.

Catch you later hunni...have a good day xx
Oh blimey! :eek:

That would drive me round the bend! :rant2: :badmood:

Surely he could go without cake when he's out with you??? :innocent0002:

Maybe separate coffee shops is the way to go!!! :giggle:
W.I. this evening and there will be 2 new , never been done before in all my 30 years of weight loss ways of going about it.1. I wont get weighed before I go in fact I put my scales away to stop me looking and have forgotten where I put them :D. I have made many descisions not to attend classes after standing on scales at home ..madness , I know but its taken me all these years to accept that its not in any way embarrassing to have a gain and everybody does sometimes. 2.. I wont leave the class and go on a massive post weight binge . I have NEVER NEVER been able to resist either of these but I know they are pretty self destructive ..for me anyway. I WILL of course prepare for the W.I. as usual by removing all jewelry , wearing my lightest clothes( I have been known to weigh different outfits on the kitchen scales..honestly) shave off all body hair, remove teeth,wig,false leg, glasses, hearing aids, ..now Im being silly!! I avoid a 'heavy' meal before I go which is prob a good reason why I binge afterwards.. do you see the members cramming hi fi bars as soon as they leave the scales :D.
Be back with the first loss I hope later.

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