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Fatty McBigbum - Feeling rough

I'm through day 1 and I have to admit I'm impressed! Other than the choc orange bar which I wasn't overly keen on everything else tastes pretty good.

I had choc orange bar for breakfast, Thai Chicken soup for lunch and a chocolate shake for dinner I also tasted my other half's Mushroom soup and Banana shake which were nice too.

I think I'm gonna enjoy this :D despite the 20 million trips to the loo from all the water :rolleyes:
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welll done :)


Guess who's back...?
Yeah! That's the hardest day done... now you've just got to keep your head down, get into ketosis in a couple/few days and the rest is plain sailing (if you can keep you internal little chatterbox quiet!).

Glad you're liking the packs - that def makes things easier!! :D

A xx
Well done FMcB. I know some people have real issues with some of the flavours, but I haven't had a problem with any of them. The tomato soup seems to be almost universally unpopular - and is my least favourite - but even that can be livened up with chilli powder or curry powder.

Having a positive attitude and not being put off that the shakes aren't a bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk will, I'm sure, make things a lot easier.

Keep up the good work. :)
I found day 1 and 2 the hardest because of the hunger but i let my head rule over my rumbling tummy (for a change lol) and got through it. After ketosis kicked in i no longer feel hungry infact i have to remind myself to take the shakes lol.

I only ordered the shakes to begin with and find the only one i'm not overly keen on is the strawberry but i have it hot and make it a bit thicker more like custard and it's fine that way.

Anyway keep at it as the first few days are the worse and it does get better, Good Luck! :)
well done love, i was wondering how you got on.... :)
hope today is just as good :)
Day two. I had a fruit and nut bar, strawberry shake and vegetable soup all really nice, the bar especially - very nutty!

I really struggled to do the kids tea (spag bol - my fav) on top of that my youngest left some that I REALLY wanted to eat :S I quickly binned it though so temptation gone.

I'll have to get some sweeteners to add to my coffee, it's really not nice without milk or sugar but it's warm so I'm still drinking it cos I'm sooooo cold!
i struggle also with the kids meals, so i make sure i have a bar chopped up and have half with thier lunch as i am making it. and half when i do dinner. :)
well done :) I have been finding day 2 hard going too....almost over though. Day 3 nearly here....
Keep going....


I will never give up
yep cooking for the o/h and kids is soooo hard
I ate a vegetable soup while the kids ate their tea cos I don't really want them to see me dieting. I really love spag bol though ^.^

How are you doing? =)
you need to do what i have done all day...
you love what you give the kids... so its not like its going to be something you can never have... i have convinced myself with the spag bol i gave to the kids tonight that it will be there next year, and then i can have it again... the min i think right i cant have that. i want it.. but i think.... i can have it when ever i want (with in reason) when i get to goal..
Kes I am so with you on that. I keep telling myself that everything I crave with still be there next year. The world won't suddenly stop producing all the things I like! LOL :)
How's day 3 going?

Nice to see you on again, you were on SF when i tried that earlier on in the year and i was wondering how you were getting on.
How's day 3 going?

Nice to see you on again, you were on SF when i tried that earlier on in the year and i was wondering how you were getting on.
Sorry I must have been posting as you replied... I'm feeling fine, not particularly hungry so it's going well.

Aye I've been on Slim Fast a few times. My first time around I did great but since then I've never really been able to get back into it for very long. I still have about 5 tins of the stuff and recently chucked out a load of the bars because they were out of date :rolleyes:

Looks like you're doing well! How are you feeling? =)

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