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Fatty McBigbum - Feeling rough

I'm good - just getting used to water without hops ;)

I find the strawberry and kiwi water from Asda in a wine glass fools me into thinking I'm having an exotic cocktail :)

I saw some in Iceland too if that helps

I'll have to check it out. Thanks Toots x

Day 4 and I'm feeling really good! Forget the hunger and everything I mean my mood. I'm just so carefree and happy.

I suffer badly with depression and I was worried that stopping my meds to do this diet might make me worse, but to be honest I feel better right now than I do when I'm taking my meds.

Had a few moments of desperation last night but they passed after nearly 2 litres of water =)
Sweetie - please tell me that you sought medical advice before stopping your meds

Truthfully no. I visited my Dr to get a signature to do the CD but he refused to sign. He even told me some scary stuff but I think it was his way of discouraging me. So I know it'll just be a repeat performance if I go back to him.

He referred me to have a Gastric bypass a while ago. The surgeon refused to put me through for the surgery until I've seen a psychologist because I'm an emotional eater, which I've just had my appointment for. But to be honest I don't even want the surgery I'm just not ruling it out yet.

I argued with him about CD saying if I have the bypass I won't be able to eat much more than 600 calories a day anyway but he wouldn't even take it on board.
Please be careful - no diet is worth risking your health over


totally understand - I'm also struggling tonight. Don't do it. You will feel rubbish tomorrow and totally regret it. You have done really well and come so far - the first days are the worst and you are nearly through it. Think positively - how good will you feel if you say no and wake up tomorrow and know that you were strong enough to do that?
stay strong.
heidi x
How did it go? I hope you managed to say no :)

I had a minor blip last night and had 2 small poppadums (70 kcals and 7.8g carbs) so not the end of the world but a blip nonetheless.

Here's to a good clear day for us both x
Hey hun, I hope you are ok.. did you get my fb message?

Hope you resisted the pizza
Just cooked my little girls Sunday Lunch, it must have been good because they both wolfed it down!

I have to admit I'm loving cooking and I'm more concious of what I'm feeding the kids. I'm not, however, loving feeding them or having to sit at the table while they eat.

I'm not particularly hungry for my lunch time shake just yet, not sure if I should just wait so I can have my soup later in the evening or have it anyway :S
Glad you're feeling more positive

Having kids and doing and doing exante is tough i wish i had turned my weight around before i had them. However it is possible and we are going to prove it :)

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