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Fatty to Fab - Time to sort it out!! Daily Diary :)

intro + plans...aka mahoosive ramble ? ha.

hello my lovely ladies/gents :)

I am new to this weight loss community and by looking at some of your inspirational success stories and diaries i have been motivated to join up and start this one of my own :) I however am not at all new to the whole weightloss game..During the last five years i have yo-yo'ed from a low weight of 138lbs to my heightest weight of 186lbs. I am currently approx 172lbs.. Standing tall at only 5ft 5in this makes me overweight with a BMI in the 28' region. This makes me unhappy for a number of reasons firstly health wise i am a mild asthmatic and obviously the extra weight isn't helping that. Also of course my own image is a huge factor i am a very self conscious person right now, i have very low self confidence and my weight is the main factor for that. This makes my life difficult where social situations are concerned...no confidence, fears of being judged..you probably all can relate...Of course the usual stretch marks, fat bulges, double chin, chubby cheeks, back fat, tree trunk thighs....yeahh not at good look..explains itself!

I am fed up with being overweight, i want to be back to a size 10, not a size 14. I want to be confident and i am positive my boyfriend would be ecstatic about me not moaning on and on about 'oh i am so fat' 'i look fat in this top don't i' kinda thing. I want to be able to look at pictures of myself and happily pose in pictures instead of jumping at the chance to be the one holding the camera...

So today 31/08/2010 i pledge to you all that i am going to lose 33lbs by 1/1/11 and and will weigh at least 139lbs. I am starting my new plan tomorrow 01/09/2010 as you know new month new start and all that jazz :)

New Calorie Counting Plan..;
Max 1,200 cals intake daily, allowing one 'cheat' day a week were i can eat max 1,400cals.
No fizzy drinks.
Aim to eat regularly ie. breakfast snack lunch snack dinner to keep metabolism going!
Aim not to eat after 7pm.
Weigh-ins every Wednesday.

I am going to enjoy my scrummy carby dinner tonight of mash potatoes and a fried egg before i start my new journey tomorrow and i must say i am very motivated and hope this time i can finally drop the lbs and become the yummy girlfriend i want to be!

Wish me luck [;

ps. sorry for the ramble...you will see over time i am a women of many words [; ha.

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Good luck hun, just take one day at a time and before you know it you'll get to where you want to be x
Welcome and good luck, like healthy2010 says take it one day at a time and you will be there before you know it!
Thankyou so much ladies for your comments and support! However i am apologizing to myself already for being a lame dieter. My new start didnt start so good and i haven't really bothered to count any calories whatsoever..i feel awful and i was going to totally abandon this account as i feel like i failed yet again but i am going to use this as motivation to get back on this tomorrow :(

It is difficult when i know deep down i want to lose this weight so so much but yet i find it so hard to control what i put in my mouth. Eughh i love food but i hate how it tempts me!

Anywho enough of the rant!

I will be posting my first intake tomorrow, and weighing myself tomorrow morning...eek its not going to be good :/

Again thankyou so much ♥

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