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fav chocolate


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Curly Wurlys are lush and only 6 syns. Put them in the fridge and they will last longer. :p
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Animal bars are quite decent in size and are 5 syns. I got mine at Iceland though you may be able to get them in other supermarkets.
Chocolate mini milks are only 1.5 syns, though aren't technically chocolate :)


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love maltesers l think they are 5.5 for a fun size bag l wonder how many for a standard bag ?


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I like kitkats (2 fingers are 5.5 syns) and Asda's own 2 finger Take a Break are also 5.5 syns and in all varieties too :D


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I love cadburys freddo's - 5.5 syns. I would never before have imagined that this would be enough chocalate but does the trick for me :)

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Cadbury Light chocolate mousse - only 3 syns and i always carry a sachet of options (2 to 2.5 syns depending on flavour) in my bag for emergencies! :)

Mrs V

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Kit Kat for me too!! and of course curly wurlys!


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Cadbury choc fingers, all varieties I think are 1 1/2 syns each. Usually on offer in Wilkinsons for loads cheaper than in the supermarkets.

Not strictly chocolate, but the choc flavour mini twister lollies are only 2 syns.

I've been trying for ages to buy Cadbury animal biscuits (the ones in boxes) as they are only 1 syn each but can't find them anywhere. They usually have a festive themed one around Christmas time (Santas and reindeers and the like) so i think I'll have to stock up if they bring them out again. Christmas stock usually starts appearing around September so hopefully not too long to wait...


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Cadburys highlights dark chocolate flovour are only 1.5 stns per sachet and taste really chocolatey- my favourite very low syn hit

When I have a few syns spare you can't beat an ice cream mars bar- from a multipack (51g each) these are just 7 syns- not a whiff of 'diet food' about them!


I seen animal biscuits in b&m the other day, in a box and thought its been a longggggg time since ive seen them! But tescos and morrisons normally have the packets of them.


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Definitely curly wurlys! I freeze them too and they last ages.
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Mine has to be a toffee crisp standard bar for 8.5 syns! Such a chocolate fix!


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2 finger kit kats at 5.5 syns, freddos - caramel or plain choc, both at 5 syns, mikado at 0.5 syn, highlights at 2 syns for 11g but i find 5g is enough ;) agree with the mini milks at 1.5 syn, perfect when its hot, not yet tried the curly wurly in the fridge business, i wouldn't have the patience! xxx


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Are freddo's those really small things? Just read this and was going to get my last curly wurly but my DD has eaten it, not told me and even worse left the empty bag in the fridge:mad:


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I love maltesers! I count 1/2 a syn per malteser, so roughly 5-5.5 in a treat size bag. Yum! Although mini Jammie Dodgers are my fave treat - 1 syn each :) xx


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love maltesers l think they are 5.5 for a fun size bag l wonder how many for a standard bag ?
Standard bag of Maltesers (37g) is 9.5 syns, my favourite also. But recently, I've been enjoying those jumbo chocolate snack-a-jacks, 3 syns each. Does anyone know how many syns for a standard (whole) box of Mikados (white choc)? I've seen people synning them individually, but I'd like to be sure of the entire syn content, just incase I get them and can't stop myself!
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my fave is milky bar mini ones are 3.5 larger ones are 6.5 i break them into tiny pieces then suck them.
i also like them flat diary milks there 5.5 and ofcourse galaxy bubbles for 8.5
not tried them yet but someone said you can get 2 milky bar moments for 1 syn.

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