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Favourite adverts.


I will succeed!!!
The advert with the babies giggling...I love it. It worries me as never thought I'd have kids but it makes me broody :D

Oo i do love that advert with the dog! :D lol

i like the advert - as sad and wrong as it is - Pablo, the drug mule. From the talk to frank adverts..

' can i borrow a tenner '

..' no, i'm a dog.' :D brilliance.
Its an old one think it was for mcain oven chips and the little girl has to decide between daddy or chips - chips win!!
Or the Mcdonalds advert where the little girl is asking akward questions to her dad about the birds and the bees so he distracts her with mcdonalds and she goes ' yes and then you can tell me all about it!' - think they all remind me of me and my dad and that's what I was like as a child :)
i love the advert for randoms,when the bloke says "hello monkey socks!!"

i also love the muddy dog in the white bedroom and of course compare the meerkat ( and yes i have actually been on compare the meekat.com and you really can compare meerkats !!) schimples !


I will succeed!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Its got to be Nick in the launderette with his kit off, I might be getting old but nothing wrong with the memory Ahhhhhhhhh!

So the long term memory's ok then CG?;)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oh I detest this ad! The child is so rude I think it sends the wrong message to kids :mad:

I totally agree, she is deffinatly rude, and (dont judge me) but she isn't the most attractive little girl to put on telly LOL.. My OH hates it, he thinks she looks evil!

i still cant help but laugh though, its like laughing when you hear someoens kid says omthing naughty for the first time, you cant help but laugh at the cheek! lol

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