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Fear of Flying?


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Are any of you afraid of flying? Has it stopped you going on holiday or do you grin and bare it? I'm terrified of flying, I get really anxious and faint and stressed out and am contemplating having hypnosis.
I just wondered if anybody has done this and if it has helped?

I hate this phobia and really need to deal with it :cry:
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It is horrid and sooooooooo embarassing! I just cry but then start to panic and once fainted (oops!). I try relaxation techniques and visualisation but I just feel so scared.
Bah. Well done on all those flights in one hit though. xx
Hypnosis could be useful - just be sure you go to a qualified practitioner.

Also, ask your doctor. He or she will have dealt with this problem dozens of times.

There are also courses you can go on - but they tend to be expensive.
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My OH hates flying, a friend of mine recommended Bach Rescue Remedy (photo below) she to didn't enjoy flying & said it worked for her, but OH said it just didn't work.

OH always has a drink before a flight, no matter what time of day it is. He doesn't get drunk just relaxed.

My daughter tried hypnotherpy for stopping smoking & that worked; I do have faith in hypnotherpy & would definately give it a whirl.



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I hate flying I cry every time and once I screamed :eek: we were on our way to singapore the plane was practically empty and it was a large plane and were going for a stop in zurich to pick up the rest of the passengers and because the plane was so empty it rattled so much on take off I thought the plane was breaking up :eek: so scared.

I just have to get on with it or I wouldnt go anywhere, I have tried all the remedies, tablets etc nothing worked, the only thing that genuinely helped me was drinking 8 vodkas before I got on a flight to sweden.

I know thats probably not ideal but boy does it work.

I have been on a few flights to oz and despite all the tv channels I sit and watch the clock counting down to landing and the altitude if i cant see it I start to worry.

We are flying to spain in a few weeks and by now I am usually starting to panic but nothing yet.

Have thought about trying hypnosis but havent yet.


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Happyholidays, I have rescue remedy on a daily basis! I have the drops and the pastilles to calm me down in stressful situations but it doesn't work on the flight. I can't drink so that doesn't help either cos I think I would!
I am very much contemplating the hypnosis, it's not cheap but got to be worth a go as the longer you leave things the harder it is to break the fear.

soccermom, I know exactly where you are coming from. I hope you get on okay in a few weeks. The holidays are really worth it but I just hate it, especially the bit where the shut the doors and you wait for take off - that's the worst for me. *sob*
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I really hate flying and have only managed three trips by plane in my lifetime. M brother lives in Oz and there is absolutely no way that I could manage going to visit him.
An ex-colleague of mine suggested EFT (therapy where you focus on tapping on areas of your body to calm anxiety), apparently it worked wonders for them. I've not given it a go as I'm quite happy to holiday in uk (i.e. not brave enough!!!).


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I'm pretty scared of flying but not like you guys, feel so bad for you. The only thing I can suggest is sleeping pills! Knock yourself out for the flight? I guess this won't work on all flights but long hauls it would. I'm flying next week but the flight should only take an hour or so, I'll probably have a few drinks to calm myself down, not the best answer but the only one I can think of!

jaylou - are you flying out anywhere soon?
Not for a while yet, about 10 weeks or so. I'm worried already!
Sleeping pills could be a good idea, diazepam didn't work but I only took a tiny dose. May see the doc for a bigger dosage :-(
Thanks hun. I've read all of these before, over and over again. I really think it's either hypnosis or grin and bear it for me. Or stronger drugs!
I will look at them again though. Thank you.


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5mg of vallium tends to do the trick for me. I'm still scared but don't give a sh*t !! ;) works like a charm

I get worried when i am flying - i take rescue remedy and close my eyes during take off and landing.

Going Turkey at Easter and am more concerned about not fitting in the seat, than the flight - i think its aversion therapy!

Jaylou - i think you are further down the fear scale so would suggest you look into hypnosis.

Best of luck sweetie xxxx


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I found that singing helps ...you don't have to do the full Liza Minelli number, just singing 'The wheels on the bus' quietly under your breath helps.

It works by making you use both sides of the brain the tune, rhythm, and the words all together, you may feel a bit of a plank, but that's better than having a freak out.

Obviously this won't work for everyone, but it really helped me, and was wonderful for the children.

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