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Feather's "4 WEEK" challenge starts TODAY!!!!


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Thanks guys :)

My first day so far is going good! I've had 2 Tetras and 5pts of water ;)

Evenings are my biggest downfall, so i'm going to try and keep myself busy and then head off to bed early. I'll drop by again to let you know if i've completely made it through day 1 :)


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Feathers, I am with you. I am 12 stone 10lbs and want to be 11 stone 10 lbs.


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Aww thanks everyone! :)

Sadly i failed and binged yet again! :( I really think i need to give Cambridge a rest for now, as my head just isn't in the right place, no matter how hard i try.

Since Saturday i've been doing WW and i've stuck to my 19points so i am now on Day 3 of that :) I get weighed tomorrow night at 6.30pm at the WW meeting.


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Hey Lisa :)

As we're about the same weight i'd be very happy to keep in touch even although we're on different diets! Only thing is, you will need to come to my thread on the WW forum to see how i'm doing and leave me a comment/message and i'll come by here to see how your doing :) I can't really talk about WW here as this is a Cambridge forum :/

My first aim is to get to 11/13 as that will be me lost 4st since the 4th Jan :)

Good Luck!


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Feathers-I seem to be on a bit of a mixed diet. I mainly stick to Cambridge but do have a bit of skimmed milk in coffee and if I eat anything else, rather than binge, I put it on weightloss resources website to see how many calories I have had. I am supposed to be under 1100 to lose weight. Sometimes the Cambridge is enough but I need to know I can have something else if I am desperate!
i hope it goes really well, be strong minded and think of the outcome if you stick to it!! may i ask a quick question though, being new to all of this im wondering is it possible and healthy to lose that much weight in that shorter time? as i say i have no idea about this! id love to be able to lose a stone by july 11th! xxx


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Hi delilah :)

I honestly believe it's all down to how much you need to lose to be in the healthy range. On 3rd April i was 15/4 or 15/4.5 and exactly 4 wks later i had lost 1st 11.5lbs.

If i had been someone with a couple of stone to lose i don't believe i would have lost that much. My CDC told me everyone can lose up to a stone a month though which is great :)

I'm actually doing WW now as i felt i needed a break from the Cambridge so my weight lose will NOT be a stone a month. I now have at least 3st to lose! Even although i'm not doing Cambridge i will still come on here and post my weight on the 11th before i head down to London, but it WON'T be 11/7,lol! I'll be happy if the scales say 11/13 ;)

Good luck to you though! Do you have much to lose?


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Lisa :) i found what you said very interesting and i can also see how that would work! I've never actually done the calorie counting. How are you getting on?


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Hi Jools :) just read your message on the 98 thread that your restarting today :) GOOD LUCK with tons and tons of the bestest vibes EVER!! ;) You know and we know that you CAN do this! It's just a matter of getting your head in the right place isn't it?

Allthough i'm doing WW i'm still finding myself trying to decide whether to go back to Cambridge at least till i get to 10/7....?...? I counted my Tetras last night and i have over a weeks supply so i could get myself started...

But then i'm like you, the money i'm spending between WW a month and Cambridge!! I do feel that since doing WW my middle area has began to grow again :( which was really disappearing FAST on Cambridge! I would still like to be 11/7 for the 11th July,lol! HELP!!!!


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My weight on Friday there was 12/5 which means i've lost 3lbs (WW) I still want to be 11/7 (yes i know, impossible but i'm going to see how close i can get :) ) I have another 12lbs to lose over the next 3wks.... can it be done on WW? It certainly can on Cambridge ;)


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hon, you're doing fantastically :) i'm not sure if you can do that much on ww unless you exercise like a demon, but you could try that and see how it goes :)

and don't you need to update your ticker?

abz xx


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Hi abz :)

Thankyou! ;)

Your right, there's no way i can lose 12lbs in 3wks with WW,lol! Who was i trying to kid eh? My aim is still to get to 11/7 for the 11th July, so, i've decided to try and do Cambridge till then. Hubby was up this weekend from London and we ate out more than once and my diet went right out, or should i say, my points, went right out the window, BIG time resulting in me feeling like a whale (pssst! and it's TTOM)

Lol! anyway, i thought i'd give it my best shot over the next 3wks with Cambridge and see how i get on. I've started doing 3 airobics classes a week but i'm trying a new one tomorrow called "Body 5"

I enjoy the support i get from my WW leader and therefore i will carry on being weighed by her over the next 3wks at least. I won't change my ticker till Tuesday after my weigh in :)

I know i come across like i'm all over the place right now and believe me that's exactly how i feel! I'll keep plugging on till i get to a good place where i feel happy again like i did before falling off the wagon!!

You seem to be doing really well :) what's your secret? A positive mind? ;)

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