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fed up, and worried.

I was diagnosed PCOS when I was 16 I am now 34 and within the years the PCOS has progressed to PCOD and I also have Diabetes and a prolactinoma. I had a Hyscopy in April 2006 and fell pregnant in the May 2006 I now have a health just turned 4 year old boy. To Cut a long story short, my hubby and I havent used any protection since our son was born and have been unable to concieve. I am due to go in for Ovarian drilling I am waiting on the appointment, however I am under another consultant at a different hospital for the tumour (prolactinoma)I was on Bromoscriptine but gave me bad side effects, I have been changed over to a drug called Cabergoline that was 6 weeks ago, for the last 4 weeks I have been bleeding vaginally, I never have periods usually and I was expecting to start ovulating with this new drug but I feel that 4 weeks is taking the P*£S a bit. I have tried to contact my doc and I get brushed off with...that problems lies in the hands on your consultant at the hospital, I have tried contacting the hospital and was told I needed to wait for my appointment which isnt until May! I was just wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing and what they done about it? I am getting really worried about this now and my husbands concern is growing more every day, I feel fed up.:sigh:
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Can you speak to a different doctor at your local practice? Or contact the secretary of your Consultant, direct, to see if you might get an earlier appointment or even a cancellation? That sometimes works.

You are really going through it at the moment. Blessings to you and yours x
I feel for you honey. I too have PCOS, and although not trying to conceive, totally empathise with the prolonged bleeding. I have to take the contraceptive pill otherwise I have 6 week long periods with only a few days relief. It makes me feel gross! When I had this issue recently with a low hormone pill giving me the extended bleeding again (5 weeks - felt weak, it was horrid) - my GP told me I had to await my next appointment with my consultant (which wasn't for another 4 months). I went away upset. But then my period continued for another week, so I asked to see a different GP, burst into tears and said I really needed to see the consultant sooner. In my case, the GP prescribed me a low progesterone hormone to have alongside my new pill as she suspected the lower dosage of hormone was elongating my period... but for you, I think I would go back to your GP and seek advice on this bleeding. Explain it's making you feel lightheaded and weak (I imagine it must be) and explain you tried contacting the hospital but they said to wait. See if yoru GP can contact the hospital and bring your appointment forward for you. Depending on how busy they are, they should be able to do this for you, or help you in the meantime.

Good luck petal. x
Thank you both for your replies, however as you have suggested I have already done, I have been to my G.P's twice now and the 2nd time I was told..."I see on your notes you have already been to see my collegue about this problem, has there been any changes because if not I am afraid I will just be telling you exactly what the previous GP told you"!! and that was my appointment done!
I have contacted my consultants secretary and she told me that there where no appointments and May was the closest one ( I was supposed to be getting seen within 2 months of my last appoint in Jan) and if I was to change it then it would be August before I am seen.
I am unable to go on the mini pill or any contraceptive as we are TTC and dont want to miss any opportunity to conceive. So the pill isnt an option to us really.
However the worrying thing about it all is, is that the bleeding isnt the colour red of a menstual bleed....its bright like I have cut my finger type colour, I have explained this to my GP on both appointments and it didnt really phase them and its not continuos bleeding either....today I havent had anything but I guarantee you 2moro I will have loads like I did yesterday....and this is how it goes.
Thanks again for your replies, I guess I will just have to plod along as usual.
:O( It's so frustrating that you've hit a brick wall in terms of getting help. When is your appointment in May? Hope it's not too long to wait xxx
I really feel for you. I have suffered for years with PCOS but was only diagnosed around a year ago following ingored scans and uncaring GP's and consultants.
I once bled for almost 5 months non stop!! I felt so awful, tired and at the end of my teather. I too found no help from anyone and so suffer the problem on my own.
All I can suggest is that you phone the hospital everyday, several times a day and really make a nuisance of yourself until someone listens. I really hope things improve for you and will keep my fingers crossed. xx
any chance you can see a private gyne consultant? private consultations cost roughly £120 but they are worth it it just to make u feel everything is ok
Ive got PCOD and had a huge array of things done to me in my twenties in order to have my 2 daughters clomid in the end was the thing that got my eggs moving. Since then Ive found that I get severe symptoms the heavier I am hence rejoining a slimming club
good luck with everything
My gp suggested I probably have PCOS but it's never been officially diagnosed. A few years ago I came off the pill and had a bleeding that went on for the best part of a year, pretty much constantly - I saw various doctors, and was told to go back on the pill, but it didnt stop it. Eventually, a female family planning doctor understood what I was going through, and I ended up being given some progesterone tablets.. the bleeding stopped within days, and I haven't had the problem since.

My periods have always been very erratic and heavy, but I have noticed that they have improved as I have lost weight, and for the first in my time in my life they are pretty much regular!!! My BMI is now just above 30, and I think the improvement started to occur when I hit 31 or 32... I don't know whether you are overweight at the moment, but in my case weight loss has helped a lot.. good luck with getting this sorted, and with conceiving again.

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