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Fed up, don't know what to do...


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I went to my WI last night (week 6 or 7, can't remember) and had lost 0lbs :)sigh:). Rubbish!! This follows last weeks 3lbs :)D) and the 2 weeks beforehand where I lost 1lb each week :)mad:). My CDC has basically told me there's no point in doing this as I can't really afford it anyway, plus I'm driving from Essex to Suffolk every Tuesday to see her.

Now I KNOW I dont' have too much to lose and my BMI is now "normal" so just thought I'd pre-empt that. Also, I concede I should not really be on SS, which my CDC told me. The 3lb loss I had was actually a week of 1000 after believing we needed to speed up my metabolism. However, at 10 stone 1 at hers (so about 9 st 13 at home in the morning at mine ;)) I still want to get down to somewhere in between 9 and 9.5 stone. She suggested Slimming World. Any suggestions??

Clare xx
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Loves Minimins long time
Oh and forgot to mention was so naffed off yesterday had a kebab and chips. Which was actually gross and made me ill for about an hour with indigestion!!

Oh, and that I have done this before and had far better losses...


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sw is good , you'll get a loss with that . But what do you think , cos after all its you that counts.

Well I guess you ate cos you was upset , see tahts what we have to control easy said than done :)

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I think Slimming World sounds like a good idea! No point of doing this if you're close to goal and not getting results. It's not like you're giving up, just changing tactics :)


Loves Minimins long time
Well someone at work is doing SW and when I heard her say "you can eat as much pasta, rice and potatoes as you like", I almost had a heart attack!!! My dream :) However, if I went onto it straight from Cambridge, is it not going to make me put on weight from sudden carb influx???? I'm a bit fed up of dieting. Wish I'd just kept it off the first time grrr......xx


Loves Minimins long time
And SW looks really complicated. I need a diet that lets me be a bit liberal with ingredients as I'm quite fussy otherwise I'm just gonna get in one big muddle...!!


Strong women stay slim
Go over to SW forum , and they will be really helpful !
With putting weight on , think you will see a gain , but not for long it will settle down , yes , it used to be red days thats meat and used to be green , pasta , potatoes , but go to SW forum and i'm sure they will help you , but you will lose !
Did your CDC not suggest you do one of the higher plans instead of SS? :confused:

There are loads of diets out there that may suit you better now, have a look at Atkins if you want to stay low-carb, or JUDDD which sounds like a total fad to me but really does seem to work for a lot of people.

The Daily Mail has been going on about something called the Dukan Diet this week, which is very like Atkins but with less fat, you could look into that.

SW & WW are both options, as is something like Diet Chef or Celebrity Slim if you don't want to be bothered counting cals/points/syns and would prefer, like on CD, to just be given everything you can have each day in a package.

There's loads of info on this site, I'm sure if you go and have a browse you'll see something that will leap out at you and make you think "yeah, that would suit me" :)


This is the last time!!
My mum lost 4 stone last year with Rosemary Conley's low GI diet (aka the 'hip and thigh' diet)
She has successfully kept it all off to as it has changed her eating habits.

I did SW for a while but found the 'as much pasta as you like' pretty grim for me - I really do NOT need a green light to eat as much as I like of anything! I also didnt like the fact that diet coke and muller yoghurts were all 'free' - totally full of crappy additives and sweeteners etc etc.

I'll be following low GI when I finish my CD journey.


Loves Minimins long time
Yeah, I maintained for 3 years on a kind of low GIish 80/20 type made-up diet that worked OK for ages. Until what started as occasional treats became too many treats - fried breakfasts and chocolate/crisps in particular (I moved jobs and they have a tuck shop. NEXT to my desk) and then back on massive baguettes/paninis for lunch and re-discovering my love of WHITE everything. CDC has recommended I do 1000 again this week and see if it makes a difference. I'm going back on Tuesday for WI. She also mentioned Dukan but it basically looks like Atkins. I'm so confused by all the different things out there and tbh want a quick fix for the rest of the weight so I can get on with my life!!!! Thanks for all the comments xx


Loves Minimins long time
Exercise????? Hahahaha......



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When I'm done with CD I'm going to give the Johnson Up Day Down Day diet a go to maintain. If you google Johnson Up Day Down Day it'll give you the website that explains all but basically you have one day where you really restrict your calorie intake, then the following day you have a higher allowance of calories. It sounds complicated but the website is easier to understand. There's even a calculator that works out your calorie allowance for you up day and your down day. It gives you more freedom but with a calorific restriction unlike SW which theoretically you can overeat on 'free food' if you were so inclined.

Having said that I can't slag SW off because that's my fall back plan if JUDDD doesn't work out.


Loves Minimins long time
Yeah, maybe. But believe me - I find exercising 100 times more of a struggle than dieting. But on the plus side not only would it probably speed up my metabolism, it might make the wobbly bits a bit less wobbly...

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