Fed up, need kick up the [email protected]*e guys


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Oooooh I'm fed up!!!!

Got my 4th weigh in on Tues, and after loosing a measly 2lb last week which annoyed me, just weighed my self and only lost another 1lb. I've got soo much to loose, if it keeps going like this I feel like throwing in the towel.
I'm temping at the moment and only have a few weeks left of my contract, then if I can't find another job pdq I'll have to give it up anyway.
Someone give me a boot up the backside please!!!!!!!:sigh:
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Try not to focus too much on the weekly losses but the average over the month. It should work out to a stone per month and you are still on track for that.


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Have you stuck to SS religiously? If you have, trust it as the scales WILL show a loss - sometimes not consistently, but often in fits and starts. If you've been picking it won't work. Keep drinking plenty of water too - I'm looking at getting a pair of the scales that measure body fat percentage as fat loss can be cancelled out by water gain so if you are a serial scale hopper, that might suit you too.
DO NOT get demotivated and use this as a reason to comfort eat


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Good Luck linnyloo.

I tend to cause problems for myself if I weigh on anything other than my CD consultant's scales, so it is best that you keep to the one set.
Overall your losses sound fine x