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Fed up of 'diets'

This may sound contraversial but i have tried every diet under the sun and none have worked for me long term.
Ive decided to just go it alone by cutting calories and watching my fat intake. Not religiously, just enough to be careful. I wont be doing this to the letter, just to the point where i know its working and i feel satisfied. Hope this works for me longterm.

Lisa x
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On A Mission!
The big mistake i made with diets all my life was to consider it a diet. Calling it a diet makes it sound as if its something separate from real eating, something you only have to do for a short time before you can go back to being able to eat without having to worry about what you put on your plate or in your stomach.

Thats why all my life i have lost weight and then regained it. Im now 55 and have wasted all my young adult years being fat. Dont think of it as a diet, dont think of it as a short term solution. You have to make changes to lose weight, but thats the easy bit, losing weight is easy. Keeping it off requires lifetime commitment to making permanent changes so that you dont go back to where you started or even heavier.

You have to make that mental adjustment, and i cannot say hand on heart that i have made that adjustment, I wont know until i reach my goal and keep it there. But thats the kind of mindset you have to get into. Dont think of it as a diet.

What you are doing now seems like the right path to go down, but you have to keep at it. I love to give myself goals and i love to think of hitting target, but at the same time i try not to dwell on it too much either, because i am what i am today and im grateful for that. Good luck!
I'm not following anything rigidly too, I'm low carbing, but not being rigid about it, and for once in my life it's working for me. I don't count my carbs, but try and keep them low
same here, we are low carbing without rigidly counting every single one.

we are both losing weight, are eating very well and feel that this is a plan we can continue on, it doesn't feel like a diet, more like re education of habits, sustainable ones.

i've lost weight before, but its always been a struggle, this just works!
Im glad you agree with me on this. For a wee while i thought i was the exception to the diet rule.

Low carb and low fat seems to be working ok for me, actually enjoying what i eat too which is rare for me. I wish you all the sucesses in the world. xx


Minimin Addict
i'm pretty sick of dieting, been trying to lose weight since i became a teenager, the only thing i have ever lost is confidence and gained a butt load of weight. I've been thinking about just calorie counting, seems pretty simple and everything has them on the pack anyway. Good luck with your plan x
Yes, I'm the same, I don;t think I've tried many "diets" just loads of "I need to lose weight, I'll eat very little tomorrow" and end up putting more on.

I am training for the NY marathon, so thankfully, it forces me 7 times out of 10 to eat well. I've lost over 2 stone now, which isn't a massive amount but enough to make me feel a lot happier. Food is usually healthy, maybe not low fat but good fats. My problem is when the marathoin is over, how do I keep it off?? I'm definately happier, what with eating well, doing really good exercise mainly outside, and also the satisfaction- ppl are impressed I can run 20 miles, which takes ppl's focus(and mine) off my weight. So any advice about after the 7th November, please let me know.

So yes, I completely agree with everything here, calling it a diet makes it sound short term, and I for one have a long term issue with binge eating. I want to eat well adn healthy and be allowed room to have a treat. I don't want to be stuffing my face daily when I know I'm full. I want to nourish myself and have tasty food.

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