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Fed up - please help! Exercise but hit a wall


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Hi all

Just got back from my meeting and I'm so fed up. I tried so hard this week after putting on a pound (undeserved!) last week only to have lost half a pound. Now I know a loss is a loss but I'm a so demoralised its untrue. I'm waiting for my consultant to get back to me with some help but thought some of you might be able to help!

So I was previously rather unfit but this year I have decided to do a sprint triathlon to raise money for the hospital ward that looked after my Gran before she died - great inspiration to me. At the moment, most weeks I'm doing at least one 5k run (uphill....killer!!), at least one shorter run (about 3k ish), then two 20-30 min exercise bike sessions, on top of that I do a fair bit of walking. Some weeks I take it easier than other s but that I aim to do at least 4 sessions a week. So this week, after putting on a pound this week, I have kept up the exercise, really taken note of my 1/3 super free and reduced my syns (to around 10 a day instead of the full 15).

So based on this and sticking to the plan, I was expecting at least a 1.5lb loss.... I'm so dispointed that all the hard work I've put in (especially exercising since Jan), I;ve only lost 3.5lbs since then. I have at least 2 stone to go so I'm not little.

Sorry for the long rant; just hope someone has some ideas to give me a kick up the backside!!

Many thanks for reading :)
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Remember that muscle weighs more than fat so whilst the scales say that you've not lost alot you might have toned up a hell of alot. I'd recommend measuring yourself maybe once a week or every two weeks and then even if the scales aren't telling you what you'd like then you'll see on the tape measure that you've toned and slimmed down. Don't let it get to you my love, it happens but if you keep doing what your doing then you'll get there. Maybe mix it up abit so your body doesn't get used to just one thing xx


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Hi Sunnies I know how you feel!! I was good as fold for 2 weeks, lost 1lb the first week then the 2nd week I gained 1.5lbs (also undeservedly) I got so cross I went off the rails for a bit, but I'm back now!!

I also exercise a lot, row competitively so lots of cardio resistance and weights. I don't think I've "toned up" and lost inches without pounds like some people tend to suggest in these situations. I wonder if because of the cardiovascular demands I place on my body that its refusing to budge the weight incase I need the energy stores!! It's very annoying.

I'm gonna keep going because I know it's only very healthy and I'm sure eventually I will lose some weight...

Good luck to everyone struggling!!!

L x


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S: 12st6lb C: 11st9.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st10.5lb(6.03%)
Thank you both so much for your kind words. Laura, you feel my pain!!lol. I feel a lot better in myself and up until now I've been happy plodding with the little losses and really focused on my exercise (halfway through my training now and feel so much fitter). It's so hard though when you're putting in all this effort for ehat seems like nothing when you get on the scales. Our bodies can be nasty things sometimes. My OH (who doesn't really understand SW but is trying to be helpful) has suggested upping my exercise, cutting down on my syns even more and maybe trying some sit up and weights. Do you think the latter would make a real difference? I'm willing to give anything a go this week!


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Well that's where im at as well. Im averaging two classes of trx one o kettlebells n at least 2 or 3 5k minimum runs a week n struggling t loose . When i exercise i am hungry all the time i actually wonder should i eat more lol. I eat a lot o fruit n veg n am a complete water guzzler !!! Help any ideas


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don't forget if you're exercising you need fuel, so if you're feeling hungry eat more free and superfree,

also I wouldn't recommend cutting down syns for the same reason,

I know SW isn't about calorie counting but bodies are about intake and output, I'm not sure of the exact science behind it all but read this in a running mag recently:

the higher your heart rate the more glucose (rather than fat) you burn. If your heart rate is more than 60% of its maximum then you'll be burning glycogen stores rather than fat stores. Fat only becomes the primary fuel source when the heart rate is below 60% of maximum.

so maybe from a weight loss point of view calculating your max heart rate and looking at the above may provide the answer for you.

I would say also measuring yourself is a great motivator, but I would only measure every month then you'll see a difference.

and sorry, jo-kate, a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, same as a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of stone. The difference is in the density of it as demonstrated in this picture

don;t be despondant though, you are improving your overall health and fitness, weight is just a number on the scales xx

good luck with your training xx
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Hi sunnies my last consultant was an ex professional rugby player and he always explained it like this. When you first start exercising or upping your exercise your body gird into shock a nit and holds on to fluid for longer. When your body gets more used to it, it gets rid if the water. This can take a while I think up to 4 weeks but what I am saying is it will show in the scales. But in the meantime keep going and as another post says measure yourself. Good luck

Muscle does not weigh more than fat - this is a myth but it is probably true that you have lost fat but gained muscle. Try not to be disheartned by what the scales are saying. I have lost about 2Ibs over the last 4 weeks despite being 100% on plan and working out lots! I have just come back from a personal trainer sessiona nd he had done a body analysis that shows I have gained1.5 kg of muscle mass so while I have lost fat I have gained muscle but it does not result in a loss on the scales.

Keep up the good work - you will get results!
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You may be gaining water as someone already said, but also are you eating enough for all this exercise? Cause you could be putting your body into starvation mode - this slows your weight loss sum what, try eating all of your syns, and snacking on plenty of SuperFree foods when your hungry.
Also are you bunged up? Try having some 'FF' foods for your hexb and when ever you can, this might help.
also have plenty of water and hopefully you should start seeing a loss again :)


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Hi all

Thank you all so much for your help and support, it really does mean a lot! :)

I've decided to pretend this is my first week this week and go back to basics. I'm taking pics of my meals too!lol. One shocker this morning is that I always have milk has my HEA but, for the first time in ages, I actually measured it. With a cappucino (from my NEspresso) and my cereal I had used almost all of my allowence. Now before, I would convince myself that all my tea/coffee thoughout the day was my HEA, plus I'd often have a little cheese 'to make up my HEA'!! I have been very honest in my food diary and with the milk and small amount of cheese it's another 5.5 syns! Something I was having EVERY day and not synning..... 38.5 extra a week alone.....

So today is a new day and a fresh start. I went for a 4K run after work (was feeling rubbish before but came back feeling better), also BF asked a personal trainer at his work who suggested starting each day with eggs so that's what is happening at 7am tomo!!

Thanks again

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