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  1. jammyjaney

    jammyjaney Member

    Hi All,

    I've been on CD for 4 weeks now & only lossed 7pounds! Week 2 I did stop as I was poorly but fortunately didn't put on any weight! I am about 95% on it completely although I do have tho odd bite of chicken or clear broth but I don't understand how this effects the weightloss so much! Cos of my height I can have 4 products a day but mainly have 3 as I never fancy the 4th despite being hungry!

    I chose this diet at I had 7 weeks to holiday & wanted to loose a stone but now a week away I'm only half way there!

    Does this diet work for everyone? Considering how much I used to eat before it's so disheartening not to see the results! X
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  3. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I know this may sound silly but you probably need that 4th product or a proper ss+ meal. Due to your height you'll need a bit more nutrition that us shorties. My business partner needs to have 4 products per day or three plus a ss+ meal or he doesn't lose anything. Your body goes into starvation mode and refuses to let anything go if it's under nourished. Make sure you're keeping your water up too (that's my big downfall!). Good luck.
  4. jammyjaney

    jammyjaney Member

    Hi! Thanks for the reply! Will try with the full 4 products a day & see if that helps! I don't want to give up as I stuck with it for 4 weeks so far, just don't understand why I'm not having great losses like you all are!
  5. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    always stick to the plan 100% hun. Your body might have gone into starvation!

    How tall are you? are you doing any vigorous exercise?
  6. jammyjaney

    jammyjaney Member

    I'm 5"11 with a stone 1/2 to loose! I'm pretty much on the move for most of the day so pretty active! Could try taking a few gym classes to try & boost losses I guess!
  7. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Omg you definitely need 4 products a day then hun! You're in starvation mode!!!

    Give it 2 weeks of doing 4 products a day and no exercise and see if they pick up

    Current loss: 22lbs and 15.5 inches
  8. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Definitely need the 4 products. Stick with gentle exercise rather than anything too vigorous as you don't want to push yourself back into starvation mode again, that's pretty much definitely where you are. Good luck!
  9. jammyjaney

    jammyjaney Member

    Thanks for all the reply! Sadly despite a week being 100% I haven't lost weight this week! To say I'm disappointed doesn't cover it!
  10. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    I really don't know what to suggest hun :(

    What has your CDC said? Have you been to see a doctor as there might be a medical reason why you're not losing

    Current loss: 22lbs and 15.5 inches
  11. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    My next questions would be about water and bowel movements! Are you drinking enough and have you got a bit of a back up of poop? Both those things could show as no loss on the scales.
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  12. jammyjaney

    jammyjaney Member

    Hi Guys! Water has been around 4 litres a day & thanks to fiber no toilet issues. My consultant was at a loss but whilst we were chatting hormones where mentioned & madee think... I have PCOS & came off contraception 8 months ago & haven't had a period & weight gain has happened since then trip to doctors is needed I think! I'm still going to stick with the plan as I'm scared to eat now incase it sticks to me like glue! X
  13. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    Yeah stick with it !!
    This diet is good for people with pcos ( iv got it to ) it's low sugar low carb low dairy which is what we should eat when we come of Cambridge it's thows that make us produce more inculin or something like that which is harder to get rid of ? I read online somwere
    I had had a period for 5 months , had 1 this month after starting Cambridge

    Hope this helps xx
  14. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Definitely a trip to the docs needed!

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