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Fed up....

Hello all.

I'm a bit fed up today, as I've just weighed myself (I know I shouldn't but I felt 'heavy' and wanted to check). My scales are usually very accurate in comparison with the ones at group.

My weigh in is tomorrow, and since last Monday despite strictly following the plan and doing a tonne of exercise, I appear to have gained 3lbs....

I've been doing SW since April and I have lost every single week, it seems odd that this week I have gained.

I swim 50 lengths 3 times a week, play football, and cycle 5 miles a day, and the weight has been coming off.

Anyone got any ideas why it's creeping up this week? I am dreading weigh in tomorrow, I have never gained before, and am worried that it will be such a disappointment, I'll go and ruin everything by resorting to comfort foods!

Cheers guys.
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Hi -

Whatever you do, don't skip group. It might be sad to face a gain (if you even get one) but skipping won't help.

Plus, I posted a week or so ago about an experiment I did oner 2 days with my scales. My weight fluctuated so much in a mere few hours. It's the end of the day so you're full of food etc.

Go to group and you might be pleased with how it goes.

Hugs xxx

Andy R.

Time for a change
Sometimes it takes ur body a few days to catch up. Try not to worry cos you'll reap the benefits in the long run. I know it's easy to say on here. But with all the hard work you've been putting in. You'll definiatly be better for it. So if this weeks a slight gain. Next weeks loss will make up for it.


I ate my willpower!
I've heard this loads of times, and usually once you get to group, you find that you have actually still lost. You could just have some water retention today, or just feeling a bit bloated.

The other's are right though, don't skip class, because if you have had a small gain, you can be sure it will gone next week.
Cheers guys, I am just baffled as to why it would suddenly happen. I will go to weigh-in, but I hope I am not affected too much by the results.

Have others found that their weight loss has slowed after the first 2-3 stone?


I ate my willpower!
Some people do reach a plateau, but it depends on the individual. If you don't mind my asking, how much do you have to lose?


Finding inspiration
I'm a bit fed up today, as I've just weighed myself (I know I shouldn't but I felt 'heavy' and wanted to check).
You've answered your own question... stay off the scales!!! It's the most common form of self sabotage. Our bodies fluctuate all the time. If you just stick with the plan, though you may have the odd unexpected gain due to normal water retention, etc, you WILL lose on average. So stop winding yourself up by tracking yourself at home. You'll just end up in a tizz and that won't help you at all.
What ever you do don't go running to the fridge! Thats the worst thing you could do. Sometimes these blips happen but the most important thing is to accept it but don't let it control you. You may find you have a loss tomorrow anyway so stop worrying about it today, it will achieve nothing and just make you feel down.
Everyone has said what I was going to Hun....stay away from the scales until you go to class.
Ive gained 3lbs in one day, only to find that on a weigh morning Ive lost that and more, so please dont be put off.

Face the scales and if there is a problem then speak to your Consultant..after all thats what they are there for.

Good luck!!



Champion actifryer
As already said, avoid the scales. My weight fluctuates quite a bit - I'm sure I'm hyper susceptible to water retention.

Just look at the bigger picture - as long as the overall trend is downwards, you're doing fine.

I strongly believe your body needs to do some kind of catch-up from time to time. I go through periods where the scales tell me I've lost weight, but I don't see any change, followed by a sudden change in my shape but nothing showing on the scales.

It's a good idea to take measurements of waist, hips etc. as well as registering what shows on the scales.
My weight fluctuates enormously too. I try to look at the overall weight loss, although I do admit that an increase or staying the same does dim my mood (it helps to log on to this forum when I feel like that). I have a lot to lose in total (5 stone) and I hit my first plateau after only 1 and half stone. I hope this helps.
Thanks for all the helpful replies. I dared the weigh-in and had actualy lost 1.5 pounds, so in the space of a day I'd lost 4.5lbs. Got my 3 stone award too.

Funny how it works isn't it? I'm going to hide my scales now!

My weight loss has slowed down recently though, I am wondering if it's due to building muscle from all the exercise? They say that muscle weighs more than fat, who knows....


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done! Now do a post telling everyone how the scales spooked you! Then it might have a knock on effect on all the posters who still hop on and off them!
I think as you go along your weigh losses do tend to slow down. I am over half way to target (I really must update my ticker) and some weeks its a struggle to lose and yet others 3 or 4lbs drop off. I was advised to mix my meals up and not just stick to the same meals week in and week out. Also try having different A and B choices as this is meant to help too.
Good luck and I am sure tomorrow the scales will be kind
Well, after all my moaning and worrying a week or so ago, I lost 1.5lbs.

Then this last week, I've eaten virtually the same things, done the same amount of exercise, yet lost 5lbs at weigh-in today!!! :D

It's so weird how you can only loose very little one week, and loose loads the next. Still, I guess it makes you keep the faith and stick with it!

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