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Fed up

Hi there. I'm so fed up with myself. I have dieted for many years now. I lost nearly 5 stone with LighterLife but managed to put it all back on. Recently i lost 20lbs with Slimming world but since christmas i have put that all back on too. I just don't know what to do. I hate the way i look but I'm so rubbish at dieting and don't want to do a vcld again. I'm an intelligent person, i understand i need to eat less, exercise more and not reach for the chocolate when i'm stressed but i can't seem to make it work. Any advice that could help me get out of this yoyo cycle would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Andrea. I can relate to you totally. I have been 9.5 stone and nearly 14 stone. I have always been a yoyoer (if there is such a word.) I have tried all the diets going and finally got my weight off with CD a couple of months ago. Then put on a stone in a matter of weeks. I am now fighting to get if off again. I think it is finding the right diet for you personally. I have just started Johnsons Up Day Down Day diet and really feel this is the one for me and at target I will be able to stick with it.
Read about all the diets on here and you will find something thats right for you. Good luck
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I agree with the above, its about finding something you can stick with longterm. A quick fix won't do it - you need to find ways to stop you overeating permanently, and try to find an exercise you enjoy.

Its a very difficult to keep the weight off, and a struggle we are all familiar with :-( I think the key is solving the emotional overeating - easier said than done, I know!
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Yes all about finding something that suits you and your lifestyle, something that you can stick with for more than a couple of weeks. Once you find the right plan for you you'll start feeling so much more motivated and determined. We could all say 'oh I do ____ it's such a great diet, you should try it too' but different plans work for different people. As Jelly said, have a look around the boards, have a read about what others are doing and having success on, and you'll probably come across something that jumps out at you as something YOu can do. Afterall you did really really well before so there is no reason in the world that you can't do it again, and I think having to restart gives you more determination then ever! I lost 3 and a half stone a couple of years ago, was still two stone off goal, ended up putting two stone back on. But this time I know I WILL get there, giving up is just not an option for me again.

Good luck hun with whatever plan you decide on x
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I do sort of agree about finding the right diet. At the same time I think that it's easy to go from one diet to the next and never get to the bottom of the comfort eating.

I think that weight loss is mostly a mental, not physical journey for most people. Therefore yes the diet has to fit your lifestyle, but it's more about getting your head right. I've heard lots of inspirational things. At the moment I like the 'commit to recommit' one - i.e. when you set out to lose weight, you promise yourself one thing, that no matter how many times it takes, you will recommit to the diet and persevere.

In regards to the stress eating. Have you tried taking one step back, taking a deep breath and thinking through whether you really want that chocolate? Why is it that you cannot cope with stress very well? I presume you know all the usual strategies of distracting yourself, and taking it one day at a time.

It may be worth asking yourself whether it's easier for you to be overweight? i.e. if you don't feel comfortable being skinny & therefore attractive to people? Or another reason as such. Is the weight a sabotaging or protection mechanism?

Lastly, it does seem that you're being very hard on yourself. maybe take it easy? being overweight is not the end of the world! You could take a break til you're mentally ready to change your body shape. I believe that if you're not ready for such a drastic change, it will lead to putting on the weight again simply because your head isn't ready for it. So maybe a slower approach is worth it - losing a bit, taking a break to get used to it, losing some more, etc.

This website is worth a little read:
Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

Hope I've helped and it's not just a load of rubbish I've been saying :)
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Yes Ellie, if you're not in the right place in your head then you'll never get there. But once you are in the right frame of mind anything is possible x


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All excellent advice above. There's really nothing I can add to them.

I find that the key to not reaching for the chocolate when I need comfort is to have fruit readily available. It helps in two ways: 1, fewer calories; 2, I'm too lazy to walk to the vending machine, and having fruit closer than the chocolate stops the chocolate craving ;)

Good luck!


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Your post sounded like my recent history. 5 stone lost with sw at last count 4 stone back on - ho hum.

For me weight loss is def a mental struggle I am so out of touch with what a normal (if there is such a thing) diet is after years of cutting back and binging. So you are not the only person who struggles to get a grip at times. Be kind to yourself, as has been said, we can only tackle the weight when our heads are in the right place.
All diets work in the way that if you eat less yo will lose weight but its more complicated than that it has to be a lifestyle change - something I am struggling with at the mo - but I will get there,
So will you.

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Erm something else that I find helps. If I *try* to not have any chocolate at all, then I inevitably end up sooner or later having a whole massive lot of chocolate and 'spoiling' the diet. This is only really calorie counting that allows this, but I find if I 'make room' for those 250 extra calories for a chocolate bar, then I don't feel deprived any more & don't go bingeing on it. It's not even every day I'll do that, but a few times a week maybe - particularly if I've exercised. It's different though because that's not particularly stress eating, it's rebellious/deprived frame of mind eating.


Wanting Is The Key
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Well guys in my opinion, weight loss programmes like this one n the other like ones, will take weight off u with out fail, where they fail is the maintaining of the weight loss. But in the end its best to try n have a food intake of 3 meals per day well balanced well portioned as in size n cooked in the most healthiest way. Rememberin its a change of food intake for life, the rest of ur life, so get a plan that caters so as we can live in life, lastly remember weight loss is mega dosh
Thank you everso much for all your kind advice. I think that maybe Ellie is right - I will continue to yoyo unless i work out the mental aspect. Ellie, thanks so much, you are right I am hard on myself and feel a failure because i can't maintain my weightloss which is daft really. I have a great life, lovely children and husband, nice home and above all i and my family are healthy. So what if i'm a bit on the chubby side! I'm sure that for many people who are ill or coping with illness in their family lives would want to slap me for moaning about a couple of stones of fubber!! I need to think about that everytime i feel bad!!

Thank you all so much -
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worst thing is we all know what we need to do to lose weight, eat less, eat healthier, exercise more, just the doing it thats hard. will never understand!
im doing LT now as cant stop myself making bad food choices.
good luck with finding a plan to suit u.
x x

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