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Fed up


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Ugh sorry to whine.. I've just joined out of desperation because I'm so hungry and just don't know what to eat apart from pasta and jazzed up canned tomato sauce.

Had a stupid long day at work and just feel like going and buying fish and chips.

I hate hard days :(

So yeah... I really have needed a Slimming World forum where people actually use it.... so I was pretty chuffed when I came across this!! I started in July and lost a stone in 3 weeks on ExtraEasy but went on holiday and have been hard pushed getting back onto it since. Just... guess I need some encouragement really :-/ and friends to talk to about SW! sorry to whine.
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hugs matie , we all here for you, i have had hard day in past and people are here are great


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Oh theres loads of stuff to eat!

Have a look at the food diary forum and have a read of a few diaries. Great for ideas!

And welcome!


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Do you like curry? You can make a really hearty curry for free on Slimming World! Are you EE or do you do original/green?
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hi i'm on my second week am doing ee and havent felt hungry once theres so much free food to choose from u dont have to go hungry thats why diets have failed for me in the past they have been too restrictive and have been starving on them which always led to a binge, good luck val :)


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Yes, as Lexie Dog says, really make the most of this site and browze at peoples' food diaries and all the amazing recipe ideas. It's great if you like cooking as it opens up all sorts of opportunities, but it doesn't matter if you don't as there are loads of things that are really quick and simple to make! And there are tons of healthy ready meals available these days too! Someone posted a thread about an M&S Lochmuir salmon, potato and veg meal which is only 1 syn on EE!! Wow, a stone in 3 weeks is remarkable!! Don't burn yourself out though hun!!X
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I know its hard to come home and cook when you have had a hard day at work so maybe planning would be a good idea. I try to plan meals that only take me a few mins to prepare if they take longer I will try and prepare some of it the night before so when I get home it only takes me a few mins to cook.

I had fish n chips for my tea tonight. Had a piece of cod, slimmig world chips & mushy peas. Blanched the chips the night before. Put then in the oven with the fish when I got home from work and sat down and had a cuppa while they were cooking. 20mins later was eating my dinner.

Its all in the planning :)


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Ahhh bless you all!!!! I've been so encouraged by all your kind responses and it's put me in a much better mood!

:) xxxx
i sympathise hun! i have done same, i lost a stone in first 3-4 weeks, then it was my bday and i went away, 1 week off plan and i am really struggling to get back into it....meals are fine but i miss snacking, and i miss when i am hungry having a simple easy meal thats ready quickly...esp on hard days ( i had the fish and chip craving yesterday too)

i am trying to get motivated again, i am back on plan on monday so if you need a diet buddy just send me a message!!!

keep up to it!!! hugs!!! :)
LiseinLeeds, will definitely do that!! I'd love a buddy!! Need to wait til I've got 20 posts to send private messages though.. so look out for me :)


Now to maintain.....
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hope you are feeling a little better about things and any time you want to chat-when you can pm-just shout x

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