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Had a really crappy day today and am now dying to eat something. ANYTHING.
I would love to take a bath and just relax but my hubby wont be home until 6pm and i cant leave the baby.
Have just put some flavouring in some water and hope that takes the edge off my cravings.

Oh Helen.
I feel for you love,have had days like that myself,how about putting baby in pram/pushchair and going for a walk?
How old is baby,can you play sillies with him/her?
Anything to take your mind of food.
I had a time where I walked the dog so much she would hide when I went near her lead,but the walks did the trick.
You are doing so well,you can get through today with out eating.
Sending you positive vibes.
Love Libbie x
Must be something in the air ... I feel totally out of sorts today too - tired, bored, generally p****d off and in the mood to eat for England :(


It's a consolation to know I'm not the only one feeling like this!
and i thought it was just me...i feel....BLEUGH today.
AND im sooo tired i need matchsticks under my eyelids. oh well, only 1 more day at work before holiday!! YAY!!
Im feeling the same. I've got such a bad headache. But unlike all you good people i have done a bad thing and given in i had some chocolate digestive biscuits i've thrown the rest away. I felt so bad i have just done an extra hours intensive work out on the cross trainer = 600 cals so hopefully i can remain the same weight. But just think im going to have to get back into Ketosis more headaches and feeling terrible for days to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might stop myself for going out at the weekend so i learn my lesson.
Thanks guys it's good to know i'm not alone!!
Have downed another litre of water. loaded dishwasher, made tea for the kids (AAARGHH!!) and am now going to sit here pretending my bum is glued to the seat so i cant go raid the cupboards!!
Me too and rather stupidly I took the kids to pizza hut! I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to abstain so I ordered an edge pizza (very thin base and half cheese with nothing else) and had two of the smallest squares - and now I feel really bloated! I was silly for taking them in the first place, it was only because my daughter's brand new shoes were tight and I wanted to take her back to the Clarke's shop as her feet were in blisters after two days of wearig them. We were stuck in mad traffic on the way there and going in reverse home away from the city was even worse so thought I should feed them before attempting the journey.

Bloody stupid for knocking myself out of ketosis but under the circumstaces I figured some controlled eating is better than depriving myself and then binging later (something sure to have happened after the past few horredous days).

Now I will be glugging the water like nobody's business to try to get myself back into ketosis asap!

Damn and blast - I wouldn't care but two tiny squares have left me feeling ill!
Hehe! Bum glued to sofa! A great image!:eek:
I am think it is a combination of the weather not being great and the evenings getting dark...:(

I am finding it hard today to drink my water.

Love Mini xxx
I was going to have a peek in the fridge today myself, just a peek and a fantasy, then BLAMO not even within an inch of the handle - a massive spider was lurking by the fridge...

Put a stop to my gallop i'll tell ya.

I think i sweated off a lb in fright.

Confession from me too...I ate a few toblerone snowtops; good job I hadn't started a bar or that would have gone completely. I really must keep this (bad) stuff out of sight.
On a good note, I've consumed 4 litres of water.
So many of us struggling today. Well done to those who resisted. I am im afraid not one of them. I was attacked by the bread monster.
Hi Wez,

Chocolate is my weak point and one square would never be enough...good for you for drinking your water, you have just remined me to go and get some....

I have not been great on the water today!

Love Mini xxx
OMG it's not only me, I could of cried for England today and probably Wales & Scotland too, I dunno why I feel down, I have eaten too, feel bad & sick now, but I just couldn't stop myself.


I thought it was my hormones!, oh well tomorrow is a new day & a good place to sort my head out, hopefully!

Cant belive so many of us feel bad, even I do and its not like me:(

I was ok till about 7pm when I realised I had no peanut bars left.

I was so mad that I wanted to scream, next time I have a bright idea to cut down on bars please will someone kick me!!!!!!

I havent cheated but my goodness I feel ready to kill someone just right now, even hubby has gone to bed, think he was scared of me!!!

At least we are not alone x x x x

I can't sleep so came back on here, can't get into my book which usually helps me to relax!
Don't even fancy cuddling my cat!

Hope tomorrow is better..............