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Fed Up


Glass of wine anyone?
Hey Ladies,

I am fed up, just when things should be going well i am all angry and fed up with WW.

I know that good food = good weight loss, but i have just been told that i should be eating more and i miss calculated my points which has made me really grumpy,

I don't want to eat more food as i don't feel hungry and i am already replacing food with wine, for the simple reason i can't eat more,

So i am in a deep hole and feel as if i am getting deeper and all i keep thinking about it is CD and LL and if i should do that as it means i don't have to eat and can lose weight.

I don't know what to do anymore,

Advice is most welcome,


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Hi Mark,

I am only on day 1 and like you cant believe how much food I can eat in my points. If I chose really naughty stuff it would be easy to use 22 points but trying to eat healthy stuff I could eat sooo much and still not reach the points I should. Its a bit scary, like you I am thinking of having a bevvy and some chocolate to help me reach my points for the day and I dont feel hungry.

BUT.. and heres a BIG but!!!.....

Isnt it nice that for once you cant eat ENOUGH instead of finding you are eating TOO MUCH? I personally find it so refreshing that at last the problem I have is not finding a way to eat nice food without feeling guilty, and instead being able to eat loads knowing it is ok!!

So do what you have to to get those points in, and start being happy that on this plan you CAN eat :) I dont know about you but I have done CD in the past and this concept is so very different and much more enjoyable!

Dont forget you can always save 4 if you need to and then maybe indulge yourself later in the week, but no more than 4 i believe. Maybe see what some other more experienced WWers have to say. But from me, all i can say apart from that which I have already mentioned is chin up!! You are getting slimmer and it will all be worth it in the long run :D xxx
oh Mark Hun, you were feeling so good, Starlight advise is good to use slightly higher pointed food.
You can do this.
Cd and LL are fab if you can stick to the No food rule.
Big Hugs xx
I was about to say the same too, use higher pointed food.

Sometimes eating healthier stuff means its lower pointed and you can struggle with it. A nice piece of cheese or some nuts is an easy way to use some points.

I remember feeling the same when I did WW years ago, I couldnt get through my points, but some changes to higher pointed stuff helped a great deal.

Having done CD twice, its a great way to loose weight quickly, but is so easy to get back into bad eating habits. (I hold my hand up high as I am so very guilty of it! :eek:), but at least with WW it does help to encourage you to eat right.

Dieting is never easy and you can feel so alone whilst trying to find something that works for you, do try stick with it, once you get in WW it does become so much easier.

Haha, if only it were possible that you could send your extra points my way :)
Persevere hun, the first few weeks of any diet are challenging while you figure it all out. And remember, on a VLCD you can't drink wine! x


Fighting for My Health
I think chosing a small portion of a higher point food could be your answer. It doesn't have to be 'unhealthy' food either. Make sure though it's not something that would trigger you into wanting to just stuff your face, ie. for me that would be chocolate! :rolleyes: Nuts can be high in points, but are full of good nutrition as are things like salmon, cheese, avocado, etc. Cooking a stir fry in extra virgin olive oil is healthy, but increases the points value of the meal a lot. Have a think about what you can switch around.

Take care
Hi mark sorry your not feeling brill.I eat as much low pointed food as i can so i can scoff all day.Choose some high pointed foods if you feel your eating too much.
How many points do you have ?xx

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