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  1. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Having a bit of a down day today. On day 6 and it's going well, I'm not going to cave or anything as my mind is set now but it just seems so frustrating and never ending!! I've put myself in this position, only I can get myself out of it but it just feels like my life is on hold. I know I sound dramatic, I'm only planning to do 7 weeks so it isn't half the battle some have to deal with, I just wish someone would put me to sleep and wake me up when it's all over!!!

    I met an amazing guy who genuinely seems interested in me and we've connected massively but I can't go out with him while I look and feel like this. We met online so he's seen pictures of me a couple of stone lighter than I am now, I have to see this through before I meet him, I can't deal with the possible rejection, he thinks I look completely different so I need to look like that!!

    I've told him I've got a few things going on which I need to sort out and he's being pretty patient up until now but I won't deny that if he meets someone in the next 5 weeks I won't be disappointed at what could've been. I'm hoping he doesn't, what's 5 weeks eh and he is ten years older so I have the younger woman card on my side! ;)

    Sorry, just needed a rant. I won't go off it, I won't lose weight quicker any other way, it just all gets a bit frustrating! :(
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  3. hez

    hez Silver Member

    Hey you, i hear ya! If he is the one, he will wait. :) im sure of that. Im certain its you hes attracted to, the picture is just a bonus. When you have a connection with someone, its way more than looks. Its a lot more. Don't doubt yourself, or worry that he will move on. As you say your a couple of stone lighter in the picture, thats doable in one month. If you set your mind to it. FACT! And as your day 6, thats another 3 weeks and 1 day ;) but whose counting lol :) x
  4. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Great motivation then! If anything that should keep you going strong and even more determined!
    Keep in mind that in fact you're doing yourself a favour. Fastforward 7 weeks an you WILL be in position to get pretty much all the eligible man attracted! I know men are shallow in general but despite not being on the look out atm it does gets to you when you become almost invisible to them purely due to your size. I know I'm in when I start getting double takes :)
    I miss this feeling - I cant wait to be back in my old comfortable skin.
    You're doing grant job! Stay there xxx

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  5. lisa-m

    lisa-m Member

    Sorry your feeling like this. But Hez is right, if he is the one he will wait. What is meant for you won't pass you.
    You never know in a few weeks time with great results your confidence will be up and you will feel in a better place to meet him.
    I understand with wanting it to be over. Would like a fast forward button then I wake up slim and succeeded at it!
    Your first weigh in will give you a huge boost I am sure x
  6. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Thanks for the replies girls, much appreciated!

    Ooh, I needed that rant this morning, first time it really got to me. Was off work so got myself out for the day which helped and kept my mind off things.

    You're all right in what your saying, I'd like to get to see him after all this time (been chatting for a month already) and yes, even if it doesn't go any further I'll be feeling much better to go and hunt down someone new!

    My ex boyfriend always made me feel bad about myself (which is why he is now my ex), nothing I seemed to do appeared to be enough and he was always telling me to lose weight! I only went online for a chuckle and a nose while I had a glass of wine one Friday, certainly didn't expect to meet anyone I'd actually like and have so much in common with, it's bizarre....most unlikely places and all that eh!

    Feeling much better now and ready for day 7, can't wait to hit double figure days!! ;)

    Going to put weigh in off until Monday as it's my birthday Monday so hoping to use it as an incentive to get me through the day food and alcohol free, eek! Xx
  7. hez

    hez Silver Member

    Thats a good idea, waiting until monday. What a birthday present that will be :)
    And its good to get things off your chest, rant whenever you want. Thats what we are here for :) x
  8. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Aww hun you've got such motivation to keep you 100% on this ... I have every faith that you'll keep 100% on this

    Try not to feel down but feel positive a out what you are doing to mske a change for the better x
  9. beth.m

    beth.m Member

    I know exactly how you feel. I met a guy from Scotland once when he was on a night out down Cheshire. We'd spoke for a while after but due to him working away didn't get many chances to meet up again. By the time we got round to organising a date, I'd put on a stone and half, probably didn't look much but to me my confidence had slipped ten fold so put it off and off. Tried so hard to keep restarting it because he was so lovely and didn't want to be put off by how I looked but just couldn't do it! Fortunately it worked out for the best for me because he was going in the army all of a sudden and the distance was enough as it was, nevermind all the way to Afghan too! But it meant that I met my lovely boyfriend now who loved me at 12st when he first met through to 14st 10 at my heaviest and still loves me the same almost 3 stone lighter and hopefully another 2 to go! Just make sure that you do it for yourself and not for someone else, as everyone else has said, the right guy will love you for you and not entirely by the way you look. Being a little lighter might make your 'catch' better looking so to speak but if they're shallow enough to like you just for how you look then in my opinion they don't deserve you!

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