Fed up


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I have been totally fed up for about 5 days now I have had a bad headache, I can't poo again despite taking psyllium husks (TMI sorry), I generally feel grotty and look ugly and am a grumpy miserable puss.
Am really struggling every second of every day nowdays and I dont know why.
My hair has got thinner and my hair used to be my only redeeming feature because it was thick and lovely.
Don't know whats wrong with me but I am sure hubby wants to strangle me.
Plus I know I wont have lost hardly anything tomorrow due to the poo thing.
Hi Lisa

Just a thought, I have been feeling very much like this recently and wonder if it is because of the length of time we have done this now? I decided to move into Management on Thursday and Boofaloo has decided to give CD1000 a try for a while - maybe our bodies are telling us enough is enough? :confused:

I hope you are feeling happier soon, the poo thing is horrible, I feel really ill when I can't go and that is enough to put you in a bad move and make you feel out of sorts?
Hi Lisa,

What does your CDC think?

Have you told him how you feel?

Have you tried dulco-lax? It helped me when I felt like I needed more than just the firbre clear this is when I was doing LT.

Just the one go and I was grand after that and made sure to take more water and a spoon of fibre clear every day.

Now on CD I take fibre 89.

Your hair will come back to form as mine did and went and back again...

Hugs and love and be sure to talk it over with your CDC as he knows you well and you have found him so good...:)

Let me know what you decide between you...

You have done really well and I am so proud of you.

Love Mini xxx
Sorry to hear that you are feeling c**p! Or can't as the case may be :rolleyes:

Have you tried that fibre stuff you can get from your CDC? My CDC said that is really good for constipation. Also, are you having bars? My CDC said that bars are terrible for constipation, maybe sticking to the shakes is the best thing. Also, a herbal thing like senacot may help? I think they will be ok - best check the label 1st though. I really hope that you feel better.
:) Its not unnormal to have a "crap" period:( , as you have been doing it for a while now. We all have our bad days or week. Are you treating yourself ocassionally with gifts, as this may help as you have done so well.:)

Your a strong girl especially as you come from my neck of the woods.

It could be that but I have a belly ache like I do need to go so I doubt it.
I have had to stop treating myself as I am fast running out of money another thing that annoys me about the diet but cant be helped. At least with food I can purchase it from the joint account but with the food budget not dropping without me eating I have to pay myself as if its a luxury