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fed up

HI, I have lost 1stone in 5 weeks and I am ready to stop. I am feeling hungry ALL the time. I am drinking so much water that I feel sick. I think about food ALL day.

I have no partner, dont smoke/take drugs, never drink, and I am either at work or looking after my 2 kids. I have realised food was my treat. No its gone I wonder what the point is. There is no pleasure. Iam not massively overweight and want to go from a 14 to a small 12. I am quite tall. Sorry for moaning but I am fed up.
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If you're tall and a size 14 it sounds like you're a healthy size and shape already, don't make yourself miserable just to have a different number on the label of your jeans.
I've obsessed over this for years and it isn't worth it!
If you're really set on losing a bit more, try doing it more gradually, just reducing your calories a little bit, and stepping up the exercise. It'll take longer but be more likely to stay off and be less painful to do!


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I agree, you have already done well and there is no point in doing it if you are that unhappy. Try talking to your cdc and maybe go up a step at least that way you will be eating something and probably find it more bearable. Good luck.x


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hi, what plan have you been on? maybe you could have a talk with your cdc and move u a plan or two?:D
HI, I am nervous about moving up a plan if I am already hardly losing anything. The last 2 weeks have been 2lb a week. If I up it and dont lose anything I might as well eat normal food. Does anyone know what happens when you go back to eating normal food, even if I do this when I reach goal. Does all the weight go straight back on? I do genuinely have a health issue that makes losing weight hard. I have tried all the regular diets but after 2 weeks I dont lose anything. That is why I resorted to this.


please try again
if you go back to eating the way you used to then yeah the weight will go back on but thats the same as any other diet
the different plans are there so that as you come out of ketosis you continue to lose weight and the further up you go you will get the idea of how many cals you need a day to maintain your weight and the amount of food that cal intake represents


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Can I suggest putting your food into weightloss resources website. It will be an easier way to really see what you are eating after you stop cD. You have done well already-you will feel awful if all that hard work is for nothing

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