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Fed up


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Hey everyone

Sounds like all the new starts are doing really well. Ive yet to get a start date and im getting really fed up, I emailed the lady and she said she would get back to me as soon as she had a date, that was last week!! Just feeling so frustrated and want to get started!

Anyway hope everyone is doing good for mid week!
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I was like you and waited and waited after dropping my medical form off. I left a couple of messages for my LLC but she didn't reply until I called Head Office to enquire if she was on holiday or sick. She rang me back fairly quickly and I hope I didn't get her into trouble as she sounded pretty off with me! Oops...

I concentrated on preparing whilst I waited. I started using slimfast to get used to meal replacements, upped my water intake and cut down on my carbs (but did enjoy some of my favourite meals too).

I go to pick up my packs etc tonight so tomorrow is day 1 for me. I'll see over the next few days if my preparation has helped for my first week.
you poor thing how long have you been waiting for ? maybe you llc is waiting for more people before she starts the class maybe you should see if there is another llc close to you who may have a class open for you to join sooner have you been for your prep evening yet ? thats a free evening to show you a dvd and give you a frm for doctor to sign im sure ive seen a post from you before which says yes you have ...i hope i have the right person !
good luck stay strong im sure you wont have to wait tp much longer x
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I hate to say it, but reading these posts - it does seem to be a fairly common trait that LLC's do not return calls or emails. Mine, bless her - she is wonderful and a great LLC - but she is rubbish at emailing/calls!! At least has been my experience. I went through much the same thing you are.

Hang in there - it will happen. :) And good luck when it does. ALl good wishes your way!



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Thanks guys!!

I went for my prep meeting on 13th august, and sent my signed drs form back two days later. I phoned her and left a message and got no reply so i emailed her and replied last week saying she had my form but no start date yet and would be in touch. I guess she is just waiting for more people but I feel like Ive been waiting ages. She is the only one in our area so will just have to hang on in there but I JUST WANT TO GET ON WITH IT!!!!
Is there someone else locally? I feel for you. I was lucky and started a week after the initial meeting but don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't...I HAD to get started cos it was the right time! Let us know as soon as you do. Looking forward to reading of your successes!


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S: 13st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.49%)
There is no other LL councilor for about 120 miles, I guess I should be more patient but I am so impatient. She emailed me back last week saying no date yet and she would be in contact when she has one. I just wondered if I should maybe email her again asking if it will be very much longer, even to sort of know the position im in, if i have just missed out on a group that is starting or im in a group waiting for some more people. I really want to get going so I can be at target or near target for Feb as I have a bridesmaid dress fitting. My friend who is the bride wants to do it as well but she is gonna leave it until after christmas. I just feel im in the right place at the momment and have all the enthuasium to start. Maybe ill email her again.............. I wish i had more patience.

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