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Wants to be a yummy mummy
I am still bf jocelyn now at nearly 17 months, I always wanted to do at least 18 months and am pleased I've got this far despite only being able to feed on one side and having a 14% weight loss by day 4 (9lb 8oz to 8lb 1oz). I'm hoping to bf wibbly too, for as long if I can.

What's everyone else doing?
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
I'm desperately hoping to BF and have found a local support group to attend weekly if I can drive. Have phone helplines if not and MW's on standby to help me as much as possible. I'm under MW led care so that will be a fair bit.

I failed with Erin after 3 days and only 4 feeds.. was pretty much forced emotionally and mentally into giving her formula and had no support at all in place.
So.. this time I want it all to be different. Fingers x'd

I haven't leaked at all though and tried googling the antenatal expressing but couldn't find much at all on it. I had a lump removed 4 years ago and it worries me as it was right behind the nipple area - so am wondering if I'll be feeding off one breast also. And wondered if I could get my colostrum 'going' a bit before baby arrived - not yet obviously.


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I hope to express feed for the first 3-7 days but after that I pretty much have to bottle feed, as I can't consume enough calories to sustain myself and breast milk (it uses 500-700 cals a day to breast feed and I am lucky to manage to eat 1000 a day, and have malapsorptive intestines so don't retain all of that).

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
Shel, I've fostered numerous babies (from as young as 20 hours old) and all of them have bloomed on formula. I have had one with colic the rest were a doddle - my LO had a time on soya based milk as she had a bad skin condition when she came to us and they 'trialled it' to see if it helped. It didn't and she went back onto normal milk though was weaning well by then.
I have no doubt at all your baby will do really well on formula and have no doubt mine will as well if I fail to establish BF. It's just a personal 'aim' that makes me want to feed. ((Hugs))
Don't whatever you do feel bad about it hun. x x expressing for the first week will really help bubs too.


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I think ultimately I'll end up doing what feels right at the time, whether that's solely breastfeeding or solely feeding formula to the baby, but my personal aim for the time being is to at least breast feed and combine formula for the first month when the baby is born so it gets all the nutrients from me and then I'll move to just feeding the baby formula milk.
But we'll see what happens at the time, a lot of people seem surprised that I don't at the moment want to breastfeed all the time and I feel a bit uncomfortable about it, but I guess I'll do for feels right when the time comes.


Trainee Human On Board
S: 20st9lb C: 11st0lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 21.5 Loss: 9st9lb(46.71%)
I don't feel bad about bottle feeding, I know it's what is best for me and therefore for baby in the long run. If I get ill post op beanyboy will need to take bottles so other people can feed him, so that needs to be established straight away, hence the express feeding as oppose to straight BF.


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I plan to breastfeed, but don't know if I will be able to, I have got massive boobs, and i mean massive, and i am worried sick about smothering the baby, my MW is fantastic and said she will worry about that at the time and show me ways round holding the baby etc...

so fingers crossed as it wont be for want nor trying, i am desperate to breastfeed as OH has a family history of Asthma, excema u name it...

So wish me luck!!

If not, then formula is fine by me, long as baby is putting on weight and healthy... does it really matter that much???


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
The first few days pass on antibodies from you to baby - so that is the most important part Lauren. Believe me you won't smother your little one at all ((hugs)) your MW will show you that though.

Abbie - if you are mixing formula and breast feeding you may find that your milk doesn't come in properly from what I've read. But am not a guru on it at all lol.
I've read though that night feeds are important to get milk supply going and keep it going even once established.

Will be interesting to see how we all get on.

Shell ((hugs)) fingers x'd you don't get ill post birth and the planning you are doing is definately whats best for you and baby and that's the main thing.
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I want to bf but like the rest of us here I will see what happens...I have a friend who is a local bf guru & I have heard there is a good bf group locally. I know formula can be fine too, my mum couldn't bf as I came out too early, I was formula fed. I was as big as a 9 month old by 7 months so caught up fine (think Mum probably made my feeds extra thick!) anyway never tried to bf so don't know how hard it will be, hopefully nipple cream/cabbage leaves in bra will help!

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