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Feel an idiot....again!

Here I go again.
I re-joined SW 3 weeks ago, I really enjoyed my first week and lost 4lb which I was really pleased with. I had a couple of things on the following week - my sons birthday being one, and also I knew I was going to a friends house for a buffet.
I then spent a couple of days trying to talk myself out of using these things as excuses to give in and eat whatever I wanted, however the little devil on my shoulder won...yet again and I didn't go to WI last week.
I said to myself I would get back on track this week and every day I have started well and then given up. My SW group is tomorrow night and I'm trying to convince myself to still go.
I know for a fact I will be heavier than when I started, I will have put the 4lb back on, plus more and if I go will feel a complete idiot.
The thing that annoys me more than anything is that I really like SW, I enjoy the food, I love the fact I can eat nice things and also eat plenty to fill me..........so why do I give up, I feel like I'm going mad sometimes, its like all or nothing, I either stick to it to the letter, or if I'm off plan, because I always have in mind I will be back on it soon, I eat for the sake of it, all manner of complete junk, which means I put on stupid amounts of weight in a short time.
I'm sorry for moaning, I just feel like such an idiot, and such a failure, spending money keep rejoining and just wasting it. :break_diet:
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You're not an idiot. There are times when we all find it hard. On a positive note, you enjoy SW & want to lose weight. Go back to class & just allow yourself a gain. So what if you have gained at least you know why & just start again. But this time make sure you come on here for support we're all in this together.:D


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You are not an idiot. Everyone falls off the wagon from time to time. If we didn't we wouldn't be here!
I suggest go to WI. In fact it's a must if you don't want to go completely off track.
Don't worry about any weight gain. Draw a line and start afresh. Your C will be really understanding.
Just think of how good you will feel when you lose the weight, and focus on that. That should make you feel really inspired and just forget about your past habits. Focus, focus, focus on the new you!
Good luck hun, you can do it!


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Defo go to your WI - draw a line under it and start afresh. You never know - you may be pleasantly surprised!


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i hate that feeling and you're not an idiot, you're just human!

if you don't go back you will probably do the same this week and just put on again, so i really think you should go back, find out and start a fresh, then when you go next week it will be a lovely loss and you'll feel great!
Your not an idiot :(

I think you need to go back, do as said above, draw a line under it & start afresh. It does take a heck of a lot of will power at the start & soon it just becomes normal - sure you get days when you want to eat everything in site, but then I tend to come on here & ask for help or search for idea's of low syn or free things i can eat.
Thank you all very much, you are so kind.
I will go tomorrow night, Once I have it over with, I'm sure I'll be thinking, why was I so worried?, my consultant is lovely and I know she will be nothing but supportive.
I think I'm just beating myself up really, which never does anyone any good.
You have all made me feel much better and see things in perspective. Theres nothing wrong with picking myself up and starting again.
Thanks again:)
Good luck to you all this week!


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I repeat what the others have just said, YOU ARE NOT AN IDIOT!! Even if you have put on, and it may not be as bad as you think, at least you'll be facing the music, and have something to work with next week!! You'll be proud of yourself for going, as will your C, and the other members if you stay to class, which you should do by the way because you may take some great advice away with you!! You know what they say, when you've had a bad week YOU need the group, when you've had a good week THE GROUP need you!! I like that! Whatever the result, I bet you'll feel much better for going and facing your demons! People respect those who are brave and honest! I really hope you go!! Good luck!!XXXX


Never gets tired of SW!
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You posted again just before I wrote- I didn't see your last post! Glad you're taking the bull by its horns!! The consultants should give out 'I've been brave today' stickers to those who think they've put on but have still turned up at class!!!X
You posted again just before I wrote- I didn't see your last post! Glad you're taking the bull by its horns!! The consultants should give out 'I've been brave today' stickers to those who think they've put on but have still turned up at class!!!X
awww thats such a cute idea!!! xx
I'm the WI lady at my group. I'm SOOOOOO getting some of those stickers to give out!!!!!!

But in all seriousness, so many weeks people come up and say 'I don't want to get on. I've had a bad week. I KNOW that I've put on...' Then once they've been weighed, are pleasantly surprised to have a sts or even a loss.

Most of us on here have low confidence when it comes to our weight, but confidence is the key. Either the confidence to just get on the scales, not knowing what they might say, OR, the confidence to come to class and 'start again' with the thoughts that the scales will show a gain.

The best CONFIDENCE of them all?.....The confidence to do something about what makes us unhappy.

Welcome back. Now get to class !!!!!!!!

Devon Dolce

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Let us know how you get on hun - we're here for you whether you have a loss, sts or gain! I faced wi last week after a very indulgent weekend in London and was more than a little surprised to have lost a pound, I even did my little scale victory dance! Our bodies are weird and wonderful things - you may be pleasantly surprised, and if you're not, draw a line, get back to it and see the pounds drop off next week xxx

Mrs V

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These things happen Hun, it doesnt make you an idiot, just human!

Face the scales and go with the idea that you are a new member again. Take time to look over the books and plan ahead. You will shift the weight again.